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Waterfront Views from Almada, Portugal

H&M Green Jumpsuit (similar, similar), Gap Side-Snap Gray Sweater (similar, similar)Aldo Wrap-Up Sandals (similar)

Been a while, huh? 

It has been a long, exhausting, and incredible month of traveling and celebrating. Not too long after our quick weekend trip to Atlanta, we re-packed our bags and headed to Portugal for some European adventures, and now we're enjoying the holiday season in California with my family. Being back home always makes me regress into an angsty teenage couch potato; but, it's also given me 10-hours of sleep a night, homecooking to die for, and plenty of downtime to catch up on things like blogging. So let's start with Portugal. 

Our first day in Portugal, we arrived extremely jet lagged (hello, red eye flight) and we spent the afternoon immediately grabbing some food and napping like babies. Once we gathered up enough energy to explore, we decided to catch a sunset ferry ride across to Almada, a town across the Tagus River from Lisbon. Almada is an old fisherman town and, as you step off the ferry, you're greeted with abandoned warehouses covered in graffiti all along the waterfront. We made the trek along the river to find ourselves at Ponto Final for dinner by the time the sun met the horizon. Click through to read about our nomming experience over our travel blog, & Away We Went

A romantic, relaxing, and jaw-dropping first night in Portugal, for sure. 


  1. Beautiful outfit and place :) love

  2. Wow, beautiful views! I'm sure you had a wonderful time.

  3. How beautiful you looked in that maxi jumpsuit c:
    I don't catch any jet leg red eyes so that's a good thing ha!
    I hope you've tried out 'Portuguese eggtarts', those are soooo
    good! Xx Ice Pandora

  4. Jen, this jumpsuit is so pretty. So easy and so chic. Also, now I really want to go to Portugal! ;)

  5. I think most everyone reverts to their angsty couch potato selves when they return home. It's probably the place we can most comfortably and guilt free lounge around doing nothing!

  6. that last shot is just gorgeous!


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