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Where I Look Like A Christmas Tree

Green Sweater Coat c/o Sheinside (similar, similar), Fashion Playground Dress in Mint c/o For Elyse (similar, similar), American Apparel Thigh High White Socks (similar), Converse White Chuck Taylor Sneakers

And here's where I continue to dress up like holiday-related items (a la previous post). I present to you, the Christmas tree. When I first grabbed both of these items I thought to myself, "Mint and forest green? Jen, you're wild." Then I headed out and stumbled upon these Christmas trees, looking for new homes, and realized we were one and the same. Except that I already have a home and I don't smell quite as fresh and pine-y.

Anyway, yet another holiday season has begun and I've failed to convince Jeremy that we need a giant Christmas tree shoved into our little New York City apartment. There's no real reason to have one, if I'm being honest, and I'm not religious at all .... but there's something so loving and cheerful about a little decorated tree, lights strung up, during cold winter nights. Oh well, maybe I can convince Jeremy to get a Hanukkah bush.


  1. You look like a sexy surprise Christmas tree. I dig it.

  2. WHAT?!! Do you not celebrate christmas with a huge christmas tree?? xD Last year we got a 15 ft christmas tree (which we chopped down and hauled home ourselves) and it will go down in our family history as the greatest tree we ever had. it was a real beauty. (and for the record: I am -religious- read: a christian, but we celebrate christmas because as my dad puts it ... "*presents*" and it's something we can share with society. and heck, who doesn't want fun and games and food and good times?? ;D)

  3. GET A HANUKKAH BUSH!!! Ok, I actually have no idea what that is, but am with you on the idea of a tree in a home. Also, that green coat! You look like Christmas.

    Alyse (J.X.L.) ▲ Lumière & Lens

  4. Your outfit is so cute! You look lovely :) xx

  5. I love your coat, You should definitely get a tree, even without the religious side they're super cute all dressed up :)

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
    My Instagram | Instagram

  6. I'm not sure how late I am but I LOVE your new profile avatar...

  7. I love the outer
    you make one adorable Christmas Tree, Jen

    The Sweetest Escape

  8. Your tiered mint green Fashion Playground dress and dark green Sheinside sweater coat look beautiful styled together. I also like the thigh high white socks and white converse sneakers you styled with your outfit - love the outfit photos in taken front of the Christmas trees.

  9. Such an adorable and original look my dear! You look amazing and so happy!
    Thanks for sharing and have a great rest of the week!

  10. Oh sweetheat I love it your dress looks so pretty and comfy

  11. Really like your amazing style. The dress with spaghetti straps is really sexy and the coat is trendy and warm.

  12. an adorable looking Christmas tree at that! haha, naw you look cute really, love the combination of greens. happy holidays to you!

    xo, Carla


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