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Warmth is Underrated (in the World of Jen)

Levi's Faux Fur Hooded Navy Parka (similarsimilar), H&M Oatmeal Sweater (similar), Black Tanya Hi-Rise Jeans c/o Level 99, Madewell Chambray Shirt (similar), Steve Madden Combat Boots (similar)

I'm always the most stubborn when it comes to the fall-to-winter transitional period. While I like fall layering just as much as the next basic bitch, I refuse to bundle up when the weather drops below freezing because I just get so straight up sweaty. And while I'm okay embracing my farts and poops (as I made very, publicly evident), I'm not a fan of you, sweat glands. You guys can fuck off.

But while Jeremy and I were visiting my parents in the suburbs of California, my mom casually suggested we visit the famous outlet malls nearby. Little did she know, she sent us down a rabbit hole. When we're together, we're usually non-shoppers (Jeremy reaches the point of anti-shopper) but we just went nuts and tore that shit apart. And Ms. Doesn't-Even-Wear-Coats-That-Zip-Up-Let-Alone-Have-Zippers-And-Have-Padding-Or-Hoods managed to take this bad boy coat home. And it actually keeps me warm and dude it's magic and warmth has been so underrated in my book. Fine, weather-appropriate clothing. You've won this round.


  1. Mmm coats. Coats are the best. I have Raynaud's and also start trembling as soon as I'm not toasty, but I also had, for a long time, a case of underrating warmth in favor of comfort/not spending money/not layering up. Then I discovered long-sleeve shirts and now I'm warm all the time and it's like wow I can do things!!!! because my body's not trying to hug itself!!! Miraculous.

  2. I wish the weather here in my country is cold enough to wear those kind of jackets :)
    the coat does look very warm with all the furs!

    The Sweetest Escape


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