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A Sucker for Snowfall ☃️

Forever 21 Long Gray Coat (similar, similar), Gray Oversized Sweater (similar), H&M Black Mock Turtleneck Dress (similar, similar), ASOS Black Thigh-High Socks

I woke up this morning and went about my usual weekday routine: brush my teeth, tell Bubba to be quiet and that I'll feed him soon, wash my face, tell Jeff Goldblum to be quiet and that I'll feed him soon, pick out an outfit, tell both cats to just "GIVE MAMA A MOMENT" while sitting on the toilet, and then feed the cats.

But today's morning routine was interrupted when I walked past the living room window and suddenly realized that IT'S SNOWING OUTSIDE IT'S TIME TO RUN AROUND THE APARTMENT AND WAKE UP JEREMY SO HE KNOWS TOO BECAUSE ITS SO IMPORTANT AND MAGICAL AND EVERYTHING IS AWESOME. 



  1. Love the winter time look!


  2. You crack me up, Jenn. XD

    Alyse (J.X.L.) || Lumière & Lens

  3. Super article, loved it. BTW I’ve just written this post on 20 of the best ever peplum dresses and thought you might like it :O)

  4. I totally feel you my dear, i am such a sucker for snow to! I pray for some as despite of -8 we haven't seen any yet! Fingers crossed :) Enjoy the snow! And happy 2017!

  5. I love snow! Although I don't know how I'd feel if we always had it, mainly for the fact that the whole of England goes into standstill when there's the tiniest layer of snow (aka 0.5cm haha!). You look lovely! :) xx

  6. YAAASSS!! Exactly what I would've done too!
    Except maybe telling Bubba and Jeff Goldblum to be quiet or feeding them.
    Ooh! Ooh! Did you take these photos right after?

    Alive as Always

  7. that is pure winter wonderland ;)
    you look adorable as per usual
    tell your cats hello for me

    The Sweetest Escape


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