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Venus in Retrograde

H&M Tawny Sweater (similar)Madewell Flea Market Flares in Kara, Urban Outfitters Oversized, Green Scarf, Forever 21 Gray Long Wool Coat (similar, similar), House of Harlow 1960 Arabella Boots (similar, similar)

This past weekend I've been feeling extra moody and it seems as if I've been stuck in a never-ending funk. One of my co-workers mentioned that Venus was in retrograde (rare and a bigger deal than Mercury) and now I can't stop finding ways to attribute these vibes to these astrological happenings. Venus is supposed to affect our relationships most of all but I'm not letting it get to my head (as much as I was a sucker for horoscopes in middle school). Shaking my fists at the stars right now. Get out of my head! 

I think the never-ending winter is also interfering with my mood lately. It's supposed to be the start of spring soon, but Mother Nature is having some bipolar tendencies. While she blessed us with some beautiful weather in the 60's last week, tomorrow we're expecting a blizzard and I'm already getting ready to hibernate all over again. At least this means sneaking in a Game of Thrones marathon tonight and sleeping in a bit tomorrow, sans work commute. I have to catch up before Season 7 kicks in and spoilers consume ever form of social media. Why can't GoT fans just keep their damn cool about things?!


  1. LOL that last picture though. I hope you managed to stay in a bit today; the snow is crazy outside right now. also, totally understand what you're saying about social media spoilers...

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  2. I love the scarf and these photos are so pretty!

  3. When I hear retrograde, I think retro, and those jeans are a bit of a throwback. I see what you did there!

  4. Oh! I absolutely love your style! It's retro, and SO cool! Love this outfit!

  5. Lovely 😊


  6. Cute look! I like the color combo here!

  7. Your sunglasses are so cool! You look lovely :) xx

  8. I hear that, I am so so so sick of winter. At least you look great all bundled up, and those sunnies are so great. It needs to warm up there, that's my escape from the never ending winter here at the end of April

  9. love your jeans so much. You look so cozy in this outfit
    The Color Palette

  10. your sunnies are super cute!
    ouch.. hopefully you had a safe restful day during the blizzard

    The Sweetest Escape


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