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Errands in Manhattan

H&M Striped T-Shirt (similar), Urban Outfitter High-waisted Denim Shorts (similar, similar), Crawler Sneakers c/o Blowfish Shoes, Urban Outfitters Black Rucksack (similar), Red Bandana via Ex

I've never been to a wedding before. Well, technically I have. When I was in high school I was part of a string quartet that would do wedding gigs (shout out to that time the sheets of music flew away at a beach wedding and I had to chase after them), so I've been to tidbits of 3-4 weddings, but I've never been INVITED to one before so this is a huge deal to me. But now that I'm around that age, I have a feeling the excitement is going to die down in a year or two when I find that all I do anymore is attend weddings.

But since this wedding is less than a week away, Jeremy and I had some last minute errands to tackle this past weekend and reluctantly made the trip into Manhattan to hunt for dress shoes, tie clips, and dresses. Luckily the weather was giving us those summer temps so I was able to bust out the booty shorts. Unluckily the weather was giving us those summer temps so I had to bust out the pit stains.

Any tips on how to be a top notch wedding guest? Otherwise you'll find me spending most of my time at the bar.


  1. You look so bautiful :)

  2. Haha omg it was so warm this weekend, I totally feel you on the pit stains. I swear I had to apply deodorant like 5 times throughout the day just to avoid offending anyone...

    As for the wedding...I don't know if there are really any tips or rules on how to be a great wedding guest but I'd probably say just try and have fun :) and don't get so drunk that you cause a scene lolll.

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  3. Love this outfit! I will try to wear my bandana on neck xD
    Good luck being a wedding guest! hahaha ;p

  4. your outfit is so cute. One of my favorite combos is the red bandana with anything stripes
    The Color Palette

  5. I love these shorts Jen! So cute!
    I just saw your jumpsuit you wore to this wedding...and I love it so much!

  6. I love how your necktie echoes the red lip. Beautiful!

    Saw your Insta on the wedding - y'all looked wonderful.


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