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Ride It Like a Motorcycle

I’m starting to feel super, super antsy this winter, especially since the rest of March is stuck in those 30°F temps. Usually we try to plan a lot of weekend trips but lately, since we’re saving up for the wedding, an epic honeymoon, and other people’s weddings, we’ve been opting to stay at home base in Astoria. But there’s still a little part of me that’s like, fuck finances - let’s jump on a plane! If I indulged that little part of me though every time it made a fuss, I’d be broke in no time, heh.

In the meantime, Jeremy and I are trying to catch up on all of our travel guides that we just put off writing for so, so long. I mean, there’s still Portugal and the Azores posts from December 2016 that we need to publish (speaking of, shout out to that one Azores itinerary getting all the love on Pinterest). Then our Japan trip from almost a year ago. And our adventures in Copenhagen and the Faroes last September. Hopefully we’ll take our Netflix down a notch and get back on track while we’re hibernating. Whoops. (c" ತ,_ತ)


  1. HEY! I didn't hear about the wedding (and honeymoon, obviously) Congrats!! That's kinda a HUGE thing coming how!! I'm so stoked for you guys!! (Imma go stalk on instagram for a while to catch up!)

    1. OH HI! Been a second; how's everything on your end?

      We actually got engaged last May but we kept it so low key that people are still surprised when we mention it these days, ha. Whoops. :P

  2. Love your outfit, as always :)


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