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The White Stripes

I bought this dress for an upcoming trip, but I still have a month and a half until I jump on a plane. So here I am, impatiently wearing it and trying to make it work for these winter temps with layers of clothing. Soon enough I can wear it alone in all of its sleeveless glory. SOON. Until then, my “always-growing-but-never-fully-complete” sweater collection will step in and do the trick.

These days I feel like all I can think about are bachelorette parties, whether it’s in anticipation of my own upcoming trips or the three I’m either planning or helping to plan. If I have to look at another “Same Penis Forever” banner my head is going to explode (just kidding, keep them coming, penis jokes are forever hilarious). It’s the first time in a long time where I’ve had to plan weekends so far in advance - I pretty much have my entire year booked up - and I know more weddings are yet to come in 2019. Now I know why my friends used to complain about wedding season so much in the past. Actually, it’s more like a decade from the looks of it, rather than a single season. Gotta BRACE MYSELF. 


  1. That white striped red dress looks very pretty styled with the white sweater and black over the knee socks! Hopefully the snow we j=just got will be the last snow this season and we will be enjoying a beautiful Spring.
    Enjoy those bachelorette parties - it sounds like you have some fun friends to attend them with!
    Have a safe trip and a Happy Spring 2018!!!

  2. I am loving how you put this outfit together! It's so cute and an unexpected mix!


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