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First Snowfall

Here's the outfit I was wearing when the first bit of snow fell here in New Jersey (and my ear is peeking out again). Despite the cold weather, I won't stop wearing my tights, I can't seem to get enough of them. Being obsessed with tights these past few months has made me realize the importance of quality. Tights rip easily and often, especially when you get them from cheap locations. Usually I love stores like Forever 21 and Wet Seal for their low prices; however, when it comes to delicate items like tights and underwear, you better go somewhere else. I got tights from Macy's a couple weeks ago from H.U.E. (I love their hosiery) and they have yet to rip. They're absolutely fantastic. Also I know We Love Colors has fabulous tights in more colors than you could ever imagine (although I have yet to try their tights).
What are you guys obsessed with?

(jacket american rag, black l/s gap, plaid dress forever 21, tights forever 21, flats payless)

p.s. that's my sexy white mini-van i'm standing next too ;)


  1. I love those tights with those shorts! I have so many coloured pairs of tights...I think this will be my inspiration to finally start wearing them!

  2. Love the tights and the fab pictures! I so want to try the tights and shorts but it'll have to be a weekend for me, it's a no go at work. Le sigh.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Charmed giveaway!

  3. I have a wonderful tip for extending the life of your tights--before you open the package and wear them for the first time, put new tights in the freezer overnight. You can stick them in a grocery bag to protect them from random freezer ick. I know it sounds kooky, but I learned this from my mom and I swear it works! If you try it, let me know what you think.


  4. The mini-van is DEFINITEly sexy! ;) I'm not a big tights fan....especially colored tights. I never know how to wear them. But having those burgandy tights you're wearing makes me feel a little more adventurous than I actually am! ;)

    Right now, I'm obsessed with boots. No matter how many I order and return, I can't seem to find the perfect ones for me. And the snow is sticking so I'm desperate!

  5. i love the color and mix of patterns of your tights!

  6. I love your tights... love the color and the pattern. I'm envying your snow pics.

  7. Mmm I think I'm obsessed with chunky rings and slouchy tees still! Great blog, thanks for the comment :)


  8. Ahh I'm so jealous you have snow!

    Love the tights too :)

  9. i love that you mixed the patterns from your skirt and your tights together! i totally think you're right that it's worth it to spend a little more on tights too.

  10. Ooh I know ! I love tight too and it's always sad whenever they are ripped . I prefer the thick one :) Love your tight so much ! I think I will buy new tights haha .

  11. that dress is soo cute!!

    thanks for your lovely comment, want to exchange links?

    Stay safe and chic
    English Rose x

  12. I feel cold just looking at the snow, hahaha.

    Love those tights!! I've wanted them for soooo long, but they're never in stores and I don't want to buy them online because then I'd *have* to spend $75 to get free shipping ;-P

  13. oh i love HUE tights, too! i just got a pair and they are absolutely perfect.
    i also find tights are sometimes warmer than jeans in the winter, because my jeans get cold in the air and i feel like i'm wearing ice pants.
    these tights are adorable!

  14. That's a super cute outfit :)
    I'm in love with all the cute tights out too. I have been hesitant to buy some, for the very reason you said about some being ruined way too easily. I'll have to try HUE tights.

  15. jealous of your snow pictures!
    so true about tights quality. theres nothing worse than buying a pair then they just rip its so annoying.
    your blog is lovely, thanks for your comment. im following you now (:

  16. i am also obsessed with tights and i know exactly what you mean about buying a cheap pair and then ripping them right off! for that reason, my favorites right now are the 110 opaque tights from tabio. they're indestructible and warm.

    and i absolutely love your chevron striped pair! so cute!

  17. hey,
    the tights are gorgeous. And I am also totally obsessed with all different varieties of tights and leggins.
    You're so lucky it is snowing.

  18. I love your outfit, and dammit, I want snow!

  19. Beautiful! Love the entire outfit!

  20. Fabulous photo! Those tights are amazing!

  21. god ! everybody is having their first snowfall ! and am sooo jealous !
    i dont have winter in my country at all !

    amazing tights by the way !
    do you have twitter dear ? id love to get in touch with u more often :D

    thanks for commenting at my postt..
    HAPPY FRIDAY ** cheers **
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  22. I totally need new tights so I've been shopping around a bit, too. I always find good ones at H&M...


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