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Being in college, there's one thing I miss that I never thought I would: practicing my violin. Back in High School it was always a pain to have to take out my violin and practice; there were state orchestra auditions, school orchestra auditions, philharmonic auditions, seating auditions, and so much competition. Now when violin has become just a hobby I love it so much more. Do you guys find it easier to love something when you aren't forced to? :)

I used to take piano lessons as well but I'm a piano drop-out. I was such a lazy high school student. Below is my good friend Rob; two thumbs up for posing like idiots.

(coat delia's, shirt delia's, skirt american apparel, belt italian leather market, tights hue, flats blowfish)


  1. haw. thankyou for the comment.
    I too played the violin, and I really liked doing it and everything. I also played the viola aswell, so walking to school with that thing on my back really hurt. Ouchy, and then I dropped out, which is a shame, because now i see loads of people playing and I'm like OW, wish I'd of carried on. Well actually I can start again, can't I!


  2. your skirt is what i excatly want.

    just found your blog, now following it :D

  3. I know, isn't it funny how much you like something once you don't really have to do it anymore? I played the french horn and I hated it. Now whenever see it I like to polish and admire it, though I still suck at playing.

    Thanks for your comment!

  4. gorgeous darling
    simple and chic outfit
    love it
    thanks for sharing
    and thanks for the sweet comments

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  5. I always wanted to learn the violin -- I'd have these insane daydreams about being a concert violinist! I did play the piano but haven't in ages. Maybe I should start again!

  6. Yes, I know exactly what you mean. I was forced to take piano lessons from age 4 to 16, and once I was allowed to quit, I dropped them with a vengeance! Now I really miss playing piano and am hoping to pick it back up again soon. There is something about a task being forced that makes it seem to lose its merits. Thank you for visiting my blog!


  7. Hi Jen!

    Thanks for dropping me a line!

    I love wearing tights too, just like YOU!


    PS I always wanted to learn how to play the violin but since it requires intense dedication, I decided to just concentrate on the ballet ... but it remains a fervent dream. I'm jealous of your violin playing!

  8. I always had years of random piano lessons, hence I was a always beginner. Lol.

    I really like your outfit! The belt is a nice touch.



  9. yea i know what you mean.. i feel like in college you end up losing a lot of old hobbies unfortunately =( i miss the piano and oil painting

  10. I love Delia's!! And that skirt is beautiful.

  11. I totoooootally know what you mean! I miss being in band soooo much! I wish I had time in college, but I really don't...that's a bad excuse, but you know.

    I love that are so super chic!

  12. Thanks for the comment! Doesn't that editorial just blow your mind?!
    Cute outfit, love the AA skirt! :)

  13. Thanks so much for your sweert comments, I luv your skirt and tha way you styled it!! Hope u have a lovely day xx

  14. i wish i hadn't given up piano lessons, it's such a beautiful instrument.

  15. Great!

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  16. thanks for your sweet comment =) I love your blog, you have such great style! xoxo

  17. i love ur green skirt !
    and you play the piano ??
    that's soo cool ! i play the piano too :D

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  18. nice skirt...
    i love it....
    i'll follow your blog..

  19. Perfect ensemble wit that jacket <3

  20. Nice outfit:) thanks for the comment:)

  21. love your skirt.
    Thanks for your comment!

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  23. Adorable pictures! I'd love to take piano lessons. That's awesome that you play the violin, that's another favorite one!

  24. ooooh, I love all your looks, they're so cute!
    Thanks for visiting my Blog :)
    I also play the piano ;)

  25. i love ur outfit!:D i know what u mean, it's definitely easier to love something when u're not forced to:) i was forced to play the violin and i hated practicing lol although, i do love the piano. im not proficient, but i still love playing for fun:D great post!

  26. thanks for the comment! i totally agree, it is so much more satisfying to do something out of your own volition, rather than being forced to do it. i took piano for 11 years, and while it was always a giant ordeal to practice back when i had to, now i love sitting down and playing a little tune!

  27. adoorable outfit!!

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  29. You are still a lazy high school student.



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