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200 Follower Giveaway

I've officially reached 200 Followers! I never thought I would have made it to so many in a short two months but you guys have just been so amazing and so supportive. And I don't know about you guys, but there's nothing I love more then finding a package in my a giant Thank You to all of my readers and followers, I'm collaborating with the wonderful CSN Stores to bring all of you a fantastic giveaway! I was checking them out a few days ago and I was honestly astounded by how many different stores they have (over 200!) that sell almost everything...from furniture to dog beds! It's pretty crazy, I'm not gonna lie. 

The Prizes:
Ever since I finally got my first pair of boots two months ago I've been obsessed! It's true, once you start you just can't stop. Therefore, Item #1 is the Adi Design Women's Slouchy Boot in Chestnut. And you guys all know, you can never have too many bags, so...Item #2 is the Thomas Paul Tree Tote in Black. I'm so excited about this. :) *If you're a Canadian Resident, will not ship to Canada so you can only enter to win the Tree Tote. Thank you to Taylor  for the heads up! 

How to Enter:
1) Name & Email
2) Be a Google Connect Follower, a Bloglovin' Follower, or a Chictopia Fan (let me know which one). 
3) Tell me which item you want to win.
4) What were you doing 3 hours ago? :) 

* Blog about this entry on your Blog and send me the link in another comment for an extra entry. 
* Tweet about this entry on Twitter and send me your username for an extra entry. 

Giveaway Ends Friday, February 12, 2010 11:59pm EST. 
*Only Open to U.S. and Canadian Residents (My next giveaway will be open to International Readers too, I promise!)
Good Luck! 

p.s. Speaking of Giveaways, Anna (one of the three winners of my last giveaway) just received her package from me in the mail and posted about it . Go check out her blog! She's the sweetest thing. 


  1. congrats on reaching 200 followers, jen!:D what a great giveaway! i'd love a pair of the boots:) and of course, i'm a follower! let's see...3 hrs ago i was eating haha!

    theowlscloset (at) yahoo (dot) com

  2. Congrats Jen!

    I'm one of the 200 google followers. Oh, I would love to have the boots! 3 hours ago, I was crying my self to sleep.


  3. yay!!!! fantastic giveaway!!!

    google follower here.
    3 hours ago, i was trying to book a flight online.


  4. 1.these are both so cute! i have been searching for brown boots since forever...
    2. OF COURSE i'm a follower
    3. 3 hours ago i was sleeeeeping. it's only 11am over here.

  5. Audrey Allure
    i'm a follower :)
    the boot!
    i was sleeping 3 hours ago haha.

  6. Awe, you're sweet. :D I'd enter, but I'm sure there's more people out there deserving of it than me.

    && yes, isn't lace amazing!~ * ^* the shirt actually has an entire lace back, I should have taken a picture, it's neat.. I, too, have been obsessing over it. Plus you can wear it with anything, wheee :D you make me have happy days <3

  7. Diane
    i'm a follower.
    THE BOOTS!!!
    i was sound asleep... :)
    and i tweeted about name is snapshotfashion

  8. your such a doll that's why you have so many followers! Congrats!

    2.I'm a friend with google connect and chictopia
    4. I was breaking up a fight the kittens decided to have on the bed while I tried to sleep.

  9. Melinda Ford (

    Google Follower!
    The bag!
    Sleeping! zzzzzzzzzz!

  10. I'm a Google follower. I love both, but I think I'll go with the slouchy boots. Three hours ago I was sleeping.


  11. Thanks for doing this giveaway :) I really like the slouchy boots. I'm a Google follower. Three hours ago I was sleeping!

    - JoAnn, Sidewalk Chalk

  12. Oh woaah,
    what a great boots + well done on over 200 foloowers! I'll enter!
    Panda xx
    Thanks so much for the sweet comment, lovely!

  13. Fantastic giveaway jen!! I'm definitely a follower!!

    Hmm, I'm leaning towards the boots!

    Ahh 3 hours ago, I was busy shopping:)


  14. I'm a Google Follower! I would love to win the boots. 3 hours ago I was just getting out of bed. :)

  15. Congrats on the 200 Jen. I'm always following you sweetie! xoxo

    I love the boots. :-)

    What am I doing three hours ago? Breakfast!!!

  16. JEN! CONGRATS TO YOU<3 you are amazing and seriously deserve all this success!!

    You already know all this...:
    1. Jasmine;

    2. I am a google follower!

    3. I am having a hard time deciding which to win...I still don't own a pair of boots, but I feel like I'm too stubborn to will myself to try them. But then again this is free. But if I don't like them then it'd be such a wasted prize that could've been given to someone else...SO I think I'll go with the bag :) woooo<3 final answer hehe!

    4. I just woke up, so I was sleeping happily and seriously dreaming about photography and shopping in NY!

  17. Congrats having 200 followers, that's amazing!

    1. Sonya Sarkar/
    2. I am a Google Connect Follower!
    3. I would love the boots, too cute!
    4. 3 hours ago I was sleeping..but since I went to sleep at 6am, it wasn't long enough :/

  18. 1.Monisha &
    2.Google Connect
    4.taking care of our kids.

  19. So exciting!
    Congrats on 200!


  20. Hi Jen... congrats on 200!! Awesome possum. :)

    Great giveaway too..

    ... of course I'm a follower. yay me!

    ... I'd love to win the boots! Yay boots!

    ... and three hours ago... I was still sleeping.. so that means I was dreaming about how the boots would look so perfect on my feet! and how happy my toe would be with them.. hee hee :)

    I hope you're having a beautiful weekend!! Take care sweetie.

    xx Love & Aloha.

  21. congrats, jen!
    my email is: whatwouldanerdwear(at)gmail
    i am a google follower
    and three hours ago, i was reading an obscure work of criticism on modernist literature (EXCITING!).

  22. Ooo, amazing giveaway :)
    I'm a follower on google connect and I would love to win those really pretty boots. And unfortunatly, I was studying for my economics exam three hours ago *sigh* thank God for wonderful blogs to make you feel better!

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. ack, comment fail. i just deleted my previous entry because i forgot one of the steps. d'oh -- read the directions Amy!!


    The boots!!

    Three hours ago I was sitting at Bouchon Bakery in the Columbus Circle drinking a cappuccino and eating a chocolate macaroon!

  25. 200 followers! Great job!
    I'm a Google and Bloglovin' follower!
    sachi_mitchem at yahoo dot com

    Those awesome boots!

    Three hours ago...I was driving home from Dallas. My boyfriend and I went to the Dallas Museum of Art (for a school project). It was a lot of fun!

  26. congrats on your followers!!!


  27. Lisa Ensor,

    I am a google follower!

    I would LOVE to win that beautiful tree bag- I just adore that green handles!

    I will retweet your blog giveaway as Lizzybrookes and

    3 hours ago I was... eating Pei Wei with my husband and son!

  28. congrats for the 200 followers, Jen! very well-deserved. interesting giveaway, too. i really like the boot. :)

  29. hey jen! i checked the store site, it's um .. versatile .. we really don't have anything like that here. sounds fun.

    anyway great giveaway .. congrats on the 200 followers! i'll be here when you reach 1 000! .. haha! oh and i was surprised by the mention at the end of the post :] that was cool! hehe.

  30. Congratulations on reaching 200 followers my love; and what a fabulous giveaway to commemorate the occasion! :)

    1) Cafe Fashionista (Erika Sorocco) -

    2) Adi Design Women's Slouchy Boot in Chestnut.

    3) The most boring thing ever...sleeping. I've been suffering from insomnia the last few days, and my body finally collapsed!! :)

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. 1) Audrey J - following you with google account
    2) Slouchy Boot in Chest nut
    3) I was editing some pics for a friend and his boyfriend... you know valentines day.

    (YN) wish me luck!! & thanks for the comment on my blog

  33. i have a giveaway too.

    check it out

    have a great day gorgeous.

  34. cute blog

  35. What a great, great giveaway, Jn!

    Congratulations on your 200 followers ... I'm one of them!

  36. Yay! 200 is awesome! So much pressure on you, now, huh? hehe

    Here's my entry:
    1) Taylor B. you know my e-mail or how to find it. :)
    2) you I know I follow!
    3) the boots. I need some flat ones!
    4) at 11:30 P.M. I was flipping through my Lucky mag.

  37. OOOOOO. Awesome!
    I cant believe you've only had your blog open for 2 months, thats amazing. (:
    3 hours ago I was.. SHOPPING! haha.. as per ussual.

    -new post soon,

  38. Congrats on the 200 followers...I'm always following you Jen. xoxo

  39. never got that google connect follower-thingy

  40. i love your blog :)
    and you just made it 2 months ago?

  41. sadly i can't entry your blog giveaways :(
    btw congrads for 200 follower and yes i'm the one of them 214 now !!
    i feel happy for you jen
    btw what camera do u use? i love ur photos :)
    have a nice day :)
yudia aiiu

  42. Congrats on reaching 200 darling, its so well deserved =]

    Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
    English Rose x

  43. love this giveaway!

    lisa milone -

    i'm a google follower!

    would love the boots - i've been looking for new fun boots!

    three hours ago i was looking through a magazine and eating s'mores cake :)

  44. Great giveaway hun - unfortunately I'm in Aus :)

    P.S. Added you to my blogroll :)

  45. Congrats on getting so many followers! I am a Blogger follower and am headed to check out your Chistopia now. I want the tree bag (and am Canadian) because I love trees! Three hours ago I had just gotten out of bed and was making tea.

  46. Congrats on reaching 200 followers sweetie!
    Wish I could enter this :( but will be looking forward to the next one!



  47. jennn, hahah i'm doing a super similar giveaway ! i like the tree tote. i chose the nautical one instead. goodluck with the giveaway ! of course if you'd like, you're always welcome to enter my giveaway as well : )

    xx lue

    xx lue

  48. that tote is so so cute. i'm not going to enter because my collection of boots and bags is far too large (but i would really love to!) and i checked out anna's blog - really awesome!


  49. 1) Connie,
    2) Chictopia fan (username coni)
    3) Boots!
    4) Working =__=

  50. Hi!


    I'm a google connect follower

    I love the boots (a lot)!

    3 hours ago, I was doing the same as I am now, "doing homework" and catching up on all my blog reading :)

  51. I'm one of the 200 google followers, I can always have room for more boots in my closet and three hours ago I was riding home from a superbowl party in a freezing car.

    kittycat [at] snet [dot] net

  52. amazing giveway jenn!

    Starr Crow

    I follow you here, and I would kill for those boots. 3 hours ago I was sleeping. I should be at school now, but while I was sleeping it was snowing and school was canceled. What a surprise, this never happens in Arkansas!

  53. yay, 200+ followers, congrats!:)

    i'm entering the giveaway for the tote since i'm in canada (boo!)
    i'm following you via google connect.
    what was i doing 3 hours ago? i was buying some coffee so i can last for 8 hours at work! borrriingg...
    if you asked what i'm doing right now, then i'm blogging at work! hahaha :p

  54. Yay, Jen! Congratulations on reaching 200+ followers! That is so exciting and you deserve it so much...p.s. Love this giveaways!

    1.Name: Amy Email:

    2.Well, I am absolutely a follower both here and a Chictopia fan.

    3.I would die for those boots, but I might have to find a new place ot live if I bring more shoes into the house; so I think I would love that tote.

    4. And 3 hours ago, I was running late for work...again! LOL

    Thanks for doing this!


  55. 1. Jennifer Heinmiller /
    2. Google follower
    3. Of course the boots xD bee-yoo-tiful!
    4. 3 hours ago I was editing a rough draft of the second version of the Smoky Mountains English Dictionary. I bet you're dying to get a copy of it once it hits the presses, huh? ;)

    I hope I win, I love those boots!!

  56. I am a follower on Friend connect, lovely giveaway. I really like the color and contrast of the bag! Three hours ago I was grabbing FOOD! Long day- small lunch!

  57. this is so cool jen! i would love to win the boots. i have always been a follower. and 3 hours ago, i was talking with my brother about nonsense stuff.


  58. Hi Jenny! Okay so i just post a post (lol) in my blog talking about your giveaway

    1. Audrey J o
    2.Via google
    3. I was walking to the store to get some sodas.

    :D good luck to all!

  59. you are amazing, it's no surprise you hit 200 readers! 400 in another couple weeks! :]

    this giveaway is freaking :O haha. please sign me up! THANK YOU FOR HOSTING IT! :D

    1. Christine
    2. I'm following you on google connect
    3. I'd love to have that bag!
    4. I was updating my blog 3 hrs ago! haha

  60. Item #1 is the Adi Design Women's Slouchy Boot in Chestnut

    3 hours ago i was working out since that is what i love to do!

    i put it on my facebook!/cheddari?ref=nf

    i posted on the side of my blog

    i posted it on my tumblrblog


  61. Soooo, I'm already a follower, DUH :) <3

    1) Jess(ica),
    3) I would like BOTH, but since I'm a Canadian, the tote is pretty amazing as well!
    4) 3 hours ago, I was in AP Literature dying of extreme boredom. ;)

  62. Heyy your blog is quite the amazing!

    1. Alexandria R

    2. Definitely one of your Chictopia fans! (itbealex)

    3. I'd scream if i won the boots, but the tote bag would be just as screamable! :D

    4. 3 hours ago, IRONICALLY i was admiring different outfits on your blog and others. :D

  63. How did I miss this giveaway?! probably because this week was hellish, lol.

    I waaaaaant . . . the boots of course! You know I'm a sucker for shoes, lol! I'm a follower ^_^

    stepharoo {at} gmail {dot} com

    Oh PS I'm doing a giveaway too! You should enter if you have a chance =D


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