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Guest Post: Moral of the Story


Hi guys! I'm Debbie from all that lace and I'm so honored to be able to guest blog for Jen while she jets off to St. Louis! Since Jen is in the middle of her 15 for 15 challenge, I thought I'd try a bit of "Jen-channeling" as it were for my guest post. She's a girl after my heart after all, with her casual looks thrown in with pops of color. So then I decided to just try stripes and floral together since I hadn't done it before, but my Tucson mountains were all cloudy and melancholy so it clashed a bit with my outfit. C'est la vie, right? I was still happy regardless (see below).


target top & shoes, guess shorts, forever 21 ring, etsy seahorse pin, gifted locket

I would do a 15 for 15 challenge myself if I weren't completely weak where shopping is concerned. I know you were thinking I meant I was physically weak, but let's be honest. I have man strength. And my bulging biceps really show whilst I'm carrying 50 items at a time to a fitting room. What can I say, Forever 21 does not sell ugly clothes. ;)


So while Jen is learning valuable lessons in wearing the clothes you've already got, I'm learning the value in spending almost too much money on clothes. You could say her morals are rather better than mine, and that's probably true.

Haha, seriously I'm so glad she let me step in. I'm sure we all equally can't wait for her to get back! Cheers!



  1. your style is so cute! i'm going to start following and maybe even do the 15 of 15 challenge like jen!

  2. I actually like this setting. It almost looks like a fake backdrop and you stand out beautifully.
    The florals and stripes in this sense work great together.

  3. wow i wish we had target here in the uk, i loooove your shoes- they are so cute!!

  4. love the senape shoes!

  5. I loved your style and I'm with you! It is so difficult not to buy clothes (or anything we get in our hands!). Great post Debbie! xoxo

  6. I love this outfit! Im so glad you guest posted so now i have another blog to follow!

    I love the backdrop in the pictures, the clouds look amazinggg! haha :)

  7. it's totally cool how you have the bold florals
    with the lighter shades such as a the grey
    I like it =)
    and you ur shoes are cute!!!!


  8. Cute top and very entertaining writing style!

    Also, Jen (I know you probably won't read this for a while) but your header is gorgeous. The yellow makes me so happy!

    Have a great day!

  9. I love how you mixed a floral print with stripes! I love the bright colors. So perfect and lovely for summer.

  10. Beautiful photos! And your writing is so cute and witty, too. :) Thanks for sharing! It's lovely to see you on here.

  11. love the outfit and your location! im so jealous i wish i could have mountains near my house. you definitely did jen's blog justice!

  12. Great job with the stripes and florals. And those shoes are fabulous.

  13. aahh it's so nice that you guest posted here.. i've stumbled upon your blog a couple of times and i absolutely love it! :D

    Animated Confessions

  14. Yes, carrying piles of clothes to the dressing room is exercise!! And so is all that walking around racks of clothes...

    Love your top and yellow flats, cute look!!

    Chic on the Cheap


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