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After taking these pictures, Jeremy and I went to this abandoned jungle gym on another campus and took a few shots. It's a little creepy at night but during the day it's pretty nice. The snow was up to our knees so it was a cold trek towards the jungle gym. The snow is slowly melting day by day though and today it's reached the 60's! Soon it'll be spring and I'll be able to run outside without a coat on...maybe even take some pictures in the local park and check out those swing sets I love so much. :)

So even though I lost a lot of pictures due to my hard drive crashing (including the ones with the jungle gym), I'm really, really, really, insanely glad that I had already edited these ones and uploaded them to photobucket a few days ago. These are definitely some of my favorite outfit shots as of recently. I love this pathway surrounded by a row of trees on either side. It's a million times more gorgeous during the fall since all the leaves on these trees turn a beautiful ruby red.

(H&M Coat, H&M Cardigan, Target T-shirt, Zara Skirt, Belt Forever 21, HUE Tights, Crown Vintage Boots via DSW)

I love the color palette of this outfit and I'm definitely someone who gravitates towards colors that fall under the category of "autumn". Unfortunately my absolute favorite thing about this outfit is covered up. The pockets of this skirt are actually scalloped (you can see them a little bit in the photo directly above) and, even though the skirt was a size too large, I couldn't resist picking it up. :)


  1. I have been soooooo close to buying that skirt because of the scalloped pockets. I almost bought it when it was full priced, and then when I saw it on sale, and then again when I saw it on more I regret not getting it at all :( This color pallette is so wonderful, but the location is even more wonderful! Jeremy did SUCH a good job with these photos! I hope you take photos here when Spring and Fall roll around :) I'm so glad you didn't procrastinate and uploaded these photos before your hard drive crashed!

  2. We have a road like this, lined with trees where I live that I'm dying to take photos on. These are gorgeous. Definitely love the colour palette, makes me feel like we've stepped back into autumn. Sorry to hear about your harddrive, it's the worst when that happens.

  3. Oh I adore this color palette too - so lovely on you. That skirt is fabulous!

  4. Ohh I have that skirt too! The pictures beautiful, looks like you're at a snow free corridor :)

  5. I love your rust colored skirt! XOXO,

  6. seems like it doesn't like a creepy jungle or what, it's really beautiful <3 i love snow place, but I hate winter days, hahaha!
    anyway i love your skirt color, but it gives me a "autumn" vibe :p

    have a great day, Jen!


  7. Eeep! That's a huge bummer about your computer.

    I'm loving these pictures (especially the last shot!)! They're beautiful, and that skirt is absolutely darling.

  8. I'm not sure what i love more, the perfect snow tree line road backdrop, or the adorable scalloped pocket skirt. either way, i'm in love.

    Chic on the Cheap

  9. I found your blog through maggie's and it's very lovely! I love your style so much!

  10. Looove these pictures!! Such a pretty location.

    KF x

  11. gorgeous pictures!!!
    the driveway surrounded by trees is just so whimsical! almost like in a dream

    i love the color on your skirt and yes I can see the scalloped pocket ;)

    stay warm!


  12. I love the cute skirt and rough boots. And that Great pics.

  13. gorgeous outfit!!
    follow you!if you want visit my new blog!


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