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Taste of Spring

So it's been exactly a week since I've had a working laptop (why is my hard drive taking so long to arrive at the Apple store?) and I'm surprised I've maintained my sanity. I spend a lot of my time at the computer lab in order to get my homework done. It's actually nice to know that I can survive without my laptop (last semester  - when my phone died - it was a little bit harder for me to survive). Oh, technology - I'm just a little bit too dependent on you.

(Target Cardigan, Forever 21 Tunic, Topshop Belt, HUE Tights, H&M Wedges)

Last Thursday and Friday, winter decided to take a break for a while and let spring fill in. The weather was in the low 60s and feeling the beautiful breeze was so refreshing. I took these pictures on Friday when I went home for a few hours in order to get my hair cut (these pictures were taken before I got my hair trimmed). It was pretty awesome not having to wear a coat outside and let me tell you - self-portraits are so much more enjoyable when your fingers aren't about to freeze off. Unfortunately the weather has dropped back down into the 30s since winter came back from vacation. Spring is such a tease.


  1. Gorgeous as always. I truly adore your style, so inspirational. Loving your white tights paired with those fabulous wedges! I've got to get some for Spring. And a big, yay, to not freezing while taking pictures. xx veronika

  2. That first photo is so stunning Jen! I love you remixed all these old items together--I remember that dress from when you started blogging and I always love it when you wear your white tights! They make your outfit that much sweeter!

  3. Glad to hear that you got to enjoy a bit of warmer weather. :) Hopefully spring will come into full bloom for you very soon!

    I really do love your in white tights.. you pull them off so well. Hope you're enjoying your week so far Jen. <3

    xx Love & Aloha

  4. Oh, winter surely is a mean butt head. We had a breath of spring last week, and now it's a blizzard outside. Supposed to get in the negatives this week. Wahhh! You look adorable, though:)

  5. I love your plaid dress. :) I miss the spring too. Now we're back to cold, cold winter. :(

  6. I know how you feel, it is so hard to get along without a computer!
    Loving those wedges!

  7. Really like the look of the white tights with the plaid!

    Looking lovely as always :)

    Friend in Fashion

  8. This outfit is so cute! That dress looks adorable with the white tights!

  9. You are so adorable! You have such a lovely smile. I quite like your outfit - the print of your tunic is quite nice.

    I'm probably way too dependent on technology, too... I'm almost tempted to see if I can deprive myself for one day. Ha. Like that would ever work!


  10. It is a tease! One day warm and one day At least you got a taste of it and look cute.

  11. It's been quite warm here as well; I'm surprised that North Texas actually wants to cooperate! The nights still get a bit nippy though. Your shoes are cute. I wish I had an H&M nearby!

  12. I saved the locks of you hair. NBD.

  13. I adore that tunic! I just love the way you pair things so perfectly with white tights; you never looks like an awkward Alice-In-Wonderland-reincarnate.

    Totally sympathizing with the computer drama; I'm about to send my laptop away to get fixed, and I'm terrified of being without it for two weeks. In college. Eeep! Hopefully your hard drive arrives, STAT.

  14. so your laptop is still on working? geez I hope she's back soon, tehee (;
    honestly, I can't survive w/o my computer or phone, agree with you... am so dependent on technology *sigh

    anyway, i love your tunic, Jen! it's just so pretty on you <3
    where's kind of place have you been for this photoshoot? it's beautiful!

    wish you have a great day!


  15. loving your outfit! and i know exactly what you mean about taking photos in nicer weather (well i guess most ppl would :P). i'm kind of lazy to do that tho, so kudos to you. :)

    saw your guest post on lifesize paperdoll! awesome blog. :)

  16. i like your shoes jen..

  17. Wow, you're working white tights and they actually look really good! Awesome.


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