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I Believe You When You Say We're Never Gonna Fall

Since my laptop still hasn't been fixed I haven't been able to upload my outfit pictures. Luckily, I had these saved up from December that I just decided not to post. I remember it was freezing cold that day to the point where I refused to take off my hat and mittens, despite the fact that they clashed with my outfit. The pictures didn't come out that great and my outfit was overexposed. But besides that, enjoy my beloved owl hat since he's looking quite sharp in all these photos. Also, check out how sexy my camera remote is looking in all these photos. Self-portraits are no fun in the winter.

(Coat American Rag, Cardigan dELiA*s, Dress ASOS, Lace T-shirt TJ Maxx, Tights HUE, Hat Urban Outfitters, Mittens Forever 21)

I'm in a slump, and this time it's not a blog slump - it's a life slump. I try to keep my personal life off of my blog for the most part (or at least to a minimum) but I just feel exhausted and I need some sort of outlet. I can't stop worrying all the damn time. My mind is constantly moving and I can't seem to get it to stop. The only thing that makes it stop is sleep - and lots of it. Unfortunately, it's only a temporary solution - you can't sleep your life away. Even when I'm out with my friends all I can do is think and it's driving me insane. All this thinking is dragging me down to the point where I feel lousy...constantly. Feeling lousy also causes me to focus on all the tiny negatives that occur throughout the day that I would normally brush off. Over time they build up until I'm about ready to explode. It's  been getting worse over these past two weeks and I feel like my emotions are just unstable. I need some stability in my life. Oh, and a giant hug to slow things down.

And congratulations to Emily from Color Shows for winning my $40 CSN Stores Giveaway. :)


  1. Sorry to hear things have been tough. I sure hope you're only over-thinking and not thinking about thinking about thinking ;) Sometimes it 's hard to keep your mind from racing. Hope you find a way to slow things down and curb the worry soon! :)

    That owl hat is just so awesome :)

  2. thats the cutest hat.
    and i love your little dress.
    and these are the CUTEST PICTURES EVER.
    youre such a dollface.

  3. I understand having that barrier between your blog and your personal life, but I think that blending the two together into this balance is perfectly fine because it's your blog after all, and it allows you to truly connect with others, right? and woah, that was a crazy run-on sentence.

    I've been in that rough spot of stress bubble a good number of times before. Though hugs, friends, kind words and copious amounts of comfort food can help, the best solution is time. And maybe this little comic can help, too. :)

    Feel better!

    Toast with Charmalade

  4. I'm sorry to hear that your life is in a "slump" right now. I can say for myself that I've definitely had those feelings in the past year. Things will get better. Look for the good in things, focus on the positive, take everything one step at a time, and eat lots of good food.

    On another note, you and your owl hat are adorable.

  5. That second to last photo could easily be a Gap ad or something! I love it :) I haven't worn my fox hat but in September we're so wearing our animal hats into the big city hehe :) I remember that silly remote that wouldn't work unless it's easily visible haha.

    I'm sorry you're feeling so lousy<3 I wish I could fly across the country to give you a giant hug and to wisk you away to SoHo so we can do some retail therapy. Email/text/call me if you need to! I'm here for ya!

  6. I love the hat! It makes me smile!
    I have been feeling that way too, lately, and I have been trying my best on figuring out how to fix it. I hope that everything gets better for you Jenn!
    --Ciara :)

  7. Really cute hat- you need some spring break and some rest! And then some exercise to get you pumped! This too shall pass, right?

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Trophies' etsy giveaway

  8. Eeep! Sounds like you're burned out or something. I hope you feel better soon! Hopefully you'll be able to spend some "you" time, and hopefully start feeling you like old self again. Ruts are never, ever good, but a change of season and spring break will be here before you know it! Hopefully that will help.

    For what it's worth, you look totally, totally adorable in that second to last shot!

  9. Cute outfit! I got a new camera remote too, it's so handy. You're lucky you can still sleep with all those thoughts swimming in your head because I have a hard time just falling asleep.

  10. Your hat is ADORABLE! Sorry they haven't fixed your laptop yet :( Hope it gets fixed soon!


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