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Reading Rainbow

I've always wanted to take shots in a library without seeming like a creep so the other day Jeremy and I wandered into one of the university libraries. I figured bringing a tripod into a library and setting up shop for self-portraits would be beyond sketchy...especially with the loud clicks of the camera. Luckily there weren't too many people on the second floor.

I haven't really browsed a library in the longest time. I remember when I was younger I would just sit in the children's section and pull all of the books off the shelf so I could read them. Now I rarely have time to sit down and read for enjoyment...which reminds me I have some reading I need to finish up for my Religions class.

(Gap Striped Shirt, Topshop Belt, Urban Outfitters Skirt, HUE Tights, Urban Outfitters Flats)

This outfit is actually going up against Diane from Snapshot Fashion in a Fashionista Faceoff! Go to her blog to check it out and vote on who wore stripes best. :)


  1. I know what you mean about not having the time to read for pleasure in university! Class readings suck all your time and half the enjoyment from reading...

    These library shots are awesome. It's great to see a new place in fashion blog photography, and the lines of the shelves kin of pick up the stripes of your shirt and pleats in your skirt.

    Thanks for the closeup shot, too; I've always liked the idea of belts over clothing but never known what to do with the leftover end without belt loops to tuck it in. I like seeing how other people cope with it.

  2. That skirt is so cute! I love how it has pockets! The library shots are awesome. I wish I had more time to read as well. It seems as if these days, all I am studying are textbooks. I would really like to finish The Alchemist by Paulo Cahelo, but it will probably have to be put on hold until spring break!
    --Ciara :)

  3. thanks for doing the faceoff with me chica :)

  4. cute simple outfit - i love how you took pictures in the library! gah i wish i had time to just sit and read for leisure too :(

  5. Jen! You look so adorable. I am loving every bit of this outfit! That belt, the shape of the skirt, the stripes, the flats. Sigh. I am having outfit crush. And I love that you got pictures at a library -they look sooo great! xx veronika

  6. So cute! Yes theres no time to read without having to study!

    Love yout style, kisses from Panama


  7. I've wanted to take library photos too! But my camera is too loud haha. You look lovely though Jen! I love how full your skirt is! I'd totally wear this outfit and probably have worn something similar <3

  8. I love libraries -- that's why I became a librarian -- although I've never worked in a "book" library -- still!

    Very cute!

  9. Comment A. I was just thinking how weird it was that you took pictures in the library and then you said it.


    Comment B. *whispers* I was watching you take these pictures. Chose the right day to go to the library...

  10. These photos are so cute!! Love this little outfit! And I know what you mean, it's so often to set up a tripod anywhere other than places you won't (likely) get caught, or anyone who does see you is just passing by! So awkward!

  11. Library makes such a great backdrop for a random photoshoot! I absolutely love the results!I never bring my tripod outside my place to take outfit pictures. I live in a really busy neighborhood :(

    Love the flouncy skirt :D


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