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Taquitos & Ginger Ale

I'm absolutely exhausted. I passed out in all three of my classes today (not like it's anything new though) and I'm still tired. Maybe it's the fact that I'm currently engaged in a staring contest with my humongous to-do list...and it's winning. Why is time so hard to manage? It just slips right through your fingers.

(American Rag Coat, Urban Outfitters Jacket, Zara T-shirt, H&M Belt, Forever 21 Jeans, Urban Outfitters Scarf, Crown Vintage Boots via DSW)

I love this outfit, mainly because it was so easy to put together before heading out to class. And these boots...I honestly don't know what I would've done without them during all these snow storms. I'm going to keep this a short post - it's time to cross things off this to-do list while snacking on some taquitos and drinking ginger ale out of the bottle. Best midnight snack ever.


  1. You're looking lovely in black! Great boots! And totally in the same boat with regards to to-do lists... productivity is not always my friend. Good luck!

  2. lovely outfit in black with a little nude!! :) :)
    2nd photo : cute smile !!! ^^ ^^

  3. I love your outfit and taquitos with ginger ale sounds so good right now!

  4. Get some sleep girl! I know the feeling though...just not enough hours in the day or motivation.
    At least you look absolutely adorable and casual.

  5. I love your look here. Perfect for to-do listing. Good luck!
    Lindsey Soup

  6. hey, Jen... get some sleep and take more rest. don't overwork yourself, girl (:
    anyway, nice looks! i love your boots and eatmuff.
    have a great day!


  7. you are SUCH a dollface.
    i LOVE these pictures.
    you look amazing.
    i love the outfit.<3

  8. i have a ton to do too, and i'm not very motivated to start haha! at times like these, random things become so strangely enticing. i even cleaned my room! LOL

  9. Hehe love that second photo of you <3 I hope you get some rest soon dear! This outfit is really easy and casual for class! I think next time you should try a brighter top to break up all the black hehe :) But you know me and my love for colorsssss!

  10. I love the color of that top to bits, and the way you paired it with the black pants and brown belt is chic perfection.

  11. love this casual outfit, love the 2nd pic! :)


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