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Day 1: The Long Drive Down

So I'm finally getting around to editing and sorting through all the pictures from the road trip. I've been too busy sleeping away the exhaustion caused by long hours sitting in a car and long hours walking around different cities. These pictures are from Day 1 of the trip, which basically consisted of just driving down to D.C. (and getting caught in rush hour). We stopped by a couple of rest stops just to get food, go to the bathroom, and check up on the car. By the time we got to D.C. and checked into our hotel room we were way too exhausted to do anything. We just settled on grabbing a cheap dinner, staying in, and watching a movie.

One thing I learned on this trip was that I really love to people-watch. All I would do while we were driving down I-95 was look at all the other people driving and making comments on them. One really sketchy guy even caught me looking at him and blew me a kiss, causing me to scream unnecessarily loud. I've gotta learn to be more subtle. Maybe I'll wear sunglasses next time.


  1. I love people watching too. That's a good idea wearing the sunglasses :)
    Great blog.

  2. Are you really wearing a silly band?! Yeah, I notice these things. :P

  3. i inherited the love of people-watching from my mum (i blame her for her high curiousity!) and whenever i'm home, we always go for coffee and pick the best seats to people watch LOL

  4. Road trips are pretty much the best! I love the adventures that so often happen while traveling (and of course, people watching.) Love your blog! xoxo

  5. People watching is such a great, interesting way to pass the time, though I think there's certainly an art to it so that you don't get caught. haha Can't wait to hear more about your trip! ♥

  6. Road trips always fun :D
    you look tired, take care jen!

  7. sounds like an amazing experience! i wanna go on a roadtrip too one day :)


  8. This looks like a ton of fun! My bf and I are going to DC/NYC in June. I can't wait!

    xx, Brittni @ WLFM


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