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Guest Post: Amanda

(Costa Blanca cardigan, Dynamite dress, Joe Fresh dress underneath (last seen here), Bamboo flats, A.Co Designs necklace, Suzy ring & Gucci sunglasses)

Well hello there my friends... er, Jen's friends. I'm Amanda from A.Co est. 1984 and pretty pumped to be filling in for Jen while she's off frolicking in conference land (well, probably not frolicking, more like sitting, listening, tweeting... Hey! No tweeting during the conference, pay attention now...). Regardless, Jen, thanks for having me, and to all her fabulous readers: hello.

So can we just talk about how posh I feel saying I'm wearing Gucci sunglasses in my outfit rundown.  Gucci sunglasses.  Look who's ballin' now.  Look Ma, Gucci!  (Okay, that's irrelevant; my mother has no idea what Gucci is... she certainly had no idea who Louis Vuitton was when I brought home a knock-off ...).  No but really, I'm not one who owns many designer items (one pair of Louboutins, a gifted Coach wallet, and a few others), so it's pretty exciting.  These were a gift from hubs for Christmas, so don't go around thinking I purchase these expensive things for myself, thankyouverymuch.  Just kidding, I would if I could, but I try to stretch my money as far as it can go so every once in a while I have to give away five bags of clothes (just kidding again, I consigned two of those bags).


And before I got undressed to snap the outfit, here's the look (it is March after all... and still cold).


  1. I am incredibly in love with the pattern on the Dynamite dress. This was a great post -- not only are you stylish, you are also hilarious! :) I'm going to go visit your blog now!

    - Caroline (

  2. Wow I just gained a crazy amount of insight from your post. I don't know why I NEVER thought of wearing a skirt under a skirt to be warmer during the winter. And I liked seeing your "Before I got undressed" picture because after blogging for half a year, I've seriously wondered who I can ask about whether bloggers actually bring other shoes/clothes to their shoots or not. Here I was wondering how bloggers in NY could possibly not be wearing coats!

  3. she is so hot, great post

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    Fashion by He

  4. Great blog, I just started following!


  5. So cute!! You look great but wow it look cold!! very cute!

    Amber's Notebook

  6. Very cute! Thanks for braving the cold!!

  7. suuuper cute! though i don't think i could do a photoshoot in the snow! i can barely do it when it dips in the low 60's here! :)


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