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Guest Post: Abbey

Hello Jen's readers! This is my first time guest blogging for anyone, and I'm so grateful that it will be on one of my favorite blogs! :)

I jumped at the chance to do a guest post on this blog, so that I could give another go at outfit posting. On my blog I've been posting snapshots of my everyday life. I hope to be getting back into outfits because all the blogs I follow (and love) are fashion blogs, and I always come up with outfits I want to style and post! So hopefully this will be my motivation to continue.  

My boyfriend took my pictures today for the first time in a while. I've forgotten how to be in front of a camera! Cue the awkward poses, swinging hands, fidgety shoes... that's me. And since the boyfriend is not a huge fan of manual focus... a lot of the pictures ended up blurry, or I'm making an awful face (typical). So I was left with limited photos. Snap.

I'm going to warn you now, after you've viewed these photos. I. Love. Photoshop. I will play with pictures until the cows come home.

And since I'm still going to continue with photos from my everyday life...
This is the boyfriend at his favorite chinese restaurant.
I enjoy fortune cookies probably more than any other person. I have a collection of fortunes in my purse that's getting a bit ridiculous. Speaking of ridiculous, that's what my boyfriend thinks I am.
I brought him a special fortune cookie and begged him to open it when he said he didn't want a fortune (killjoy- just look at that frown!). Then he opened it, smiled, and laughed.
'The one you love is closer than you think'. Bam. Fortune told.

This is the end of my fleeting outfit post. But maybe it's a new beginning for my closet. 



  1. Gorgeous <3 Love your outfit!
    And the photo effect for the last picture is stunning!


  2. awesome i love it :)
    great outfit :DD


  3. Love this post!!! Abbey is awesome!


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