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You Give Me That Funny Feeling in my Tummy

So lately I have been overwhelmed with things to do. Between updating my blog (obviously my biggest priority), becoming district governor of Circle K, my social life and studying I have been exhausted to the point of feeling sick. I'm not willing to cut any of these things out of my life, so really its been my sleep whose the biggest loser.

Last night I decided to take the advice of some of my wonderful readers and try to catch up on some sleep. I splurged and allowed myself an entire 6 hour beauty sleep (3 times my normal length!), so imagine my surprise when I woke up looking like this: 6'2, hairy...white...I was genuinely shocked. Not as shocked as my roommate Monisha though when she woke up and saw me: I hope she makes a complete recovery quickly! <3

After adjusting to being a boy (why did no one ever tell me peeing standing up was so much fun!?!) I faced my biggest challenge yet...what to wear! After getting lost in my closet for an hour, I finally managed to find the perfect outfit that I had bought with my mom around a year ago. And she said I would never wear it ;)

(Target Coat, Sweater via thrift, Target Jeans, Impulse Boat Shoes via CSN Stores, Hat via Mountain Dew Sweepstakes)

Today I decided to mix up my wardrobe and try something daring to match my new gender. My Mountain Dew hat really speaks to me with its vibrant colors, and of course it matches my shoes perfectly! These shoes might be my favorite purchase ever, purple cloth laced up boat shoes! At first I thought it was a little too daring, but they really spoke to me so I had to go for it. My sweater was also a great find, only $15 at a thrift store! The instant I saw that raven - looking as stylish as I aspire to be every day - I knew it was a match made it heaven.

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  1. You look gorgeous, Jen!
    Happy AFD!

  2. "i decided to try something daring to match my new gender" i love you (or jeremy if he did the writing! but also you)

  3. You turned into a boy? I turned into a piece of toasted bread! Actually haha, no, I'm just kidding. Charmalade never did transform into me, I'm way too advanced for her. I actually took over her blog! I'd say it's an improvement, but not as much as your race-and-gender-and-hair change! Love the bold shoes and hat! :)

    Toast with Charmalade

    PS: This is Charmalade. A piece of toast took over my blog. Help me.

  4. Wahahahahahah this is such a cute post, Jen!! He even did some of bloggers' "popular poses" ;) Way to go, dude!

  5. LOL i love this! Jeremy did a great job in posing as you!

  6. LOL big time Jen. Best post ever. Jeremy should consider blogging. Seriously. :)

    xx Love & Aloha

  7. This post is HILARIOUS. What a smart boy. =)

    -Erin (

  8. congrats on being District Governor! it's such a small world because my boyfriend just became Circle K's District Governor over here in the west coast for Cal-Nev-Ha! :)


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