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Dynamic Duo Rompers

I present to you another Dynamic Duo post! This time around, Jasmine and I both chose this gorgeous, floral romper from Forever 21. I love that it looks like a dress but when the wind comes around I won't flash anyone since they're actually shorts. Jasmine and I styled it almost identically this time with sandals and a lace top. Great minds think alike, right? Now if only I could get my hands on some Swedish Hasbeens from H&M like Jasmine. The H&Ms I've visited have all been sold out of them. :(

I can't wait until we're reunited in September for NY Fashion Week. It's only a few months away and I'm counting down the days. I miss this girl to death and I hate that we only get to see each other once a year. California and New Jersey need to get a little closer together - we couldn't be more far apart in the country!

Urban Outfitters Top, Sandals
Forever 21 Romper
H&M Cardigan
Aldo Backpack

Forever 21 Top, Romper, Headband
Swedish Hasbeens x H&M Sandals

Now I'm off to go enjoy the beach for the third time in the past week. It was a little bit foggy and windy when I went yesterday which made for the perfect kite flying weather! It was on my 2011 to-do list in the beginning of the year to fly a kite and now I can cross it off! Although the kite itself fell apart only after a few minutes (I'll fix you, don't you worry) it was still a pretty awesome feeling. :)


  1. I love how you both styled it so similar! Haha! I love the pattern! Enjoy the beach!

  2. The romper looks cute on both of you. I've always wanted one!

  3. You fancy ladies! I love that romper and how both of you styled it :) it's such a versatile pice ^^ wish I had it in my closet fo sho! x

  4. You both look super adorable!! I wish rompers look as good on me as it does on you. Jealous!


  5. Your romper is too cute! I love that you paired it with a flowy shirt. it gives it a very bohemian feel. :)

  6. Aw, y'all both look completely and totally adorable in that romper! It's got the cutest little pattern, too.

  7. AW how adorable are you two?! haha i love that romper, both of you look amazing :)

  8. I absolutely love how you two styled it! I find it hilarious that you two managed to style it in almost identical manners, and you didn't even tell each other :) Definitely sisters separated at birth.

  9. Aw, you guys are so cute! I'm surprised you styled it so similarly!


  10. love your dress :)
    both of you look so beautiful <3


  11. Yay for similar styling hehe :) I miss you like crazy too! September can't come fast enough, but I know when we're reunited, our time together is going to zooom by. Blah. I hope you had a wonderful time at the beach! I still have yet to fly a kite too!

  12. You both look so gorgeous in it! It really is the cutest playsuit! <3


  13. adorrrrrable!!!!!!

  14. You both look so great with the romper! Forever 21 has the cutest little rompers :D And yay for being from Jersey. Woo jersey pride, ha!

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  15. Havevnt been to ur page in a while! Love the new look. <3 the romper & lace on the shirt shoo cute!

  16. You are as cute as a button. I am in love with this adorable look!

    JEN!! I've missed you and your lovely blog SOO much darling, how have you been?

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    Hope you're staying safe and chic dearest!

    English Rose x


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