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Never Looking Down

Two down, three more to go - I can't wait for finals to be over. I told myself I would spend the whole entire weekend stuck in my books but I'm easily distracted (hence the updating of the blog). What's even worse is the weather outside is absolutely beautiful. Mother nature is such a tease. Maybe if I get enough work done before passing out on my bed I'll treat myself to some field frolicking tomorrow afternoon. Or actually street frolicking is more like it since there aren't any decent fields on my part of the campus.

Urban Outfitters Cardigan
Topshop Belt
ASOS Dress
Urban Outfitters Flats

I love wearing this dress from ASOS since it's so light and low-maintenance. The light blue color is also really refreshing and a nice alternative to white. These days all I wanna do is wear my pajamas though. Speaking of pajamas, I'm abandoning my studies and I'm going to go curl up in bed now. Studying can commence once again tomorrow morning. Good night (morning). :)


  1. So adorable Jen! Stay strong, kick those exams down! :)

    P.S.- I adore your hair.

  2. Cute outfit! And I love your hair <3 Good luck for your exams! Mine is going to start tomorrow and I'm stressing outtt!


  3. Love this cozy look so much. That belt somehow MAKES the whole look. Good luck with exams! xo

  4. I am absolutely in LOVE with your dress. Blue is my signature color and blush, light blue is even too much for me to handle :) I was wondering, could you send me the link to the dress on the ASOS site if possible? Even if it's out of stock, I would like to have a better look at it.

    Good luck with your exams! I'm so ready to be finally out of high school. Woo!

  5. This outfit is soooo perdy :D
    Good luck with the rest of your exams!

  6. power through those exams :)!
    can't believe you manage to look so stylish even now! ahaha i look like the biggest hobo through my finals :)

  7. one of my fave look of you jen.
    keep up the good work, i believe you can pass the exam well..


  8. Oh yuck I do NOT miss having to take finals! I love this outfit, that is a beautiful blue.

  9. Loving the outfit! Simple and perfect for finals week

  10. Good luck Jen! You'll kick butt! :) I have finals looming over my head next week. Yuck. You look amazing though Jen! I love your hair curled and that sweet dress!


  11. Good luck with the rest of your finals! You look so cute in this outfit (when do you NOT look cute?) and I'm loving this blue on you! :)

    Blue Paper Lanterns

  12. good luck with finals!! you look fantastic, I really love the dress--it looks very romantic and goes well with your curly hair :)


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