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The Two of Us Could Run

My last final is tomorrow night and I'm ready to just throw my hands up in the air and surrender. Summer is so close that it's almost painful. My motivation to study has gone out the window - in fact, studying is exactly what I should be doing right now since I already scheduled the rest of my night around not studying. All I wanna do is take naps. Multiple naps. And maybe throw in some episodes of Hey Arnold! in there while I'm at it.

Top Forever 21
Shorts American Eagle
Belt H&M
Wedges Kenneth Cole Reaction

I love that it's warm enough to run outside with bare legs. I also love that there's more time in the day to just relax. Just before taking these pictures my roommate and I bonded over some Chipotle, went to Starbuck's frappuccino happy hour, and people watched for a good, solid hour.

I better get back to studying now if I'm going to go out later. I'm catching up with some old friends over some good old dining hall food and then I'm going to go see THOR with the boy. Just saying the title makes me feel like a BAMF. I'm gonna go kick down a door now.


  1. you are so darling.
    i love this very summery outfit.<3

  2. THE BOY. Hehe. Just teasing :) Let me know how THOR is, maybe I'll convince the boy on my end to go with me. Jen, you were always a BAMF, saying the title just made it that much more obvious ;) I absolutely love those wedges, and that blouse paired with it? PERFECTION. I also adore your hair, GIMME.
    P.S.- Good luck on that last exam, use those mad skills and ace it.

  3. I love this outfit, the top is so pretty :D
    Good luck with your last final!!!!!

  4. The top is so lovely, swishy, and floaty! Good luck on your last final! Don't give up until the very end!

  5. i just adore your summery top! i always love tops that are loose and easy to move in...<3

    ps. THOR is such a sweet hunk! LOL.

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  6. Love the top! <3 I always adore your simple yet chic style!


  7. Hahah, "just saying the title makes me feel like a BAMF."Hope the movie was good! Loveeee your top.

  8. Love the billowy top on you! And these pics are amazing.

  9. Hello Jen!

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  10. Weee curled hair again! :) This kinda looks like Central Park, but I know it's not. Ah I miss you and NYC so much! Love this summery look on you Jen! The print is so interesting and I love that it's sheer and flowy! Congrats on finishing a school year! Woohoo! I'll be free on Thursday! Ah I saw Thor on Thursday with Robert! I wish the four of us could've watched it together!

    ..."I need a horse." :)

  11. So glad your finals are done. Yay summer. You look absolutely lovely, and those wedges have to be mine.

  12. Aaaah I've ever been in your situation where my passion of study has faded away. Anyways, congrats for the done finals :)

    I love your top jennn!!

  13. Best of luck with your last finals!!

  14. Pretty outfit! Also, you live in a nice area. I don't think I've seen streets that nice and clean in my area ...ever.

  15. such a lovely usmmer outfit Jen!
    looks adorable as always and i want a white shorts as well!!

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