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Hey Tangerine

My sunburn is starting to peel - how attractive do I sound right now? You can definitely tell how tan I got from this outfit shoot. I just happened to strategically cover up all the parts of me that were orange (I matched my skirt). Never fall asleep on the beach under the boiling hot sun. I repeat, never.

But speaking of orange, I've decided that my summer style goal is to wear more color. I always stick to neutrals or more muted shades. I don't really go for bright colors so this summer I'm going to step outside of my comfort zone...starting with this skirt! Do you guys have any summer style goals? Let me know! :)

H&M Crop Top, Pleated Skirt, Wedges

Now that summer has kicked into full gear, so many of my friends are taking off. Two of them are overseas (Rome and Turkey), one moved into a NYC apartment, and another one moved to Philadelphia (not to mention Phebe flew back to Texas only a few days ago). I'm feeling some separation anxiety right now. In a week or two I'll be doing some working and traveling of my own though. But anyway, today was a busy and tiresome day so I think I'll wrap it up by watching a movie and eating slices of pepperoni. Healthy? Absolutely not - just the way I like it. :)


  1. love this outfit <3
    esp your crop top :)
    it so cute <3
    and i wear pleated skirt too , visit mine ? :D


  2. Aw, Jen, you look adorable! I adore the shade of the skirt, and the length is just perfect. Plus, the fact that you match your skirt is too funny (I hope you heal quickly!). I had a similar beach/burn experience today; ouch. Good luck with your color goal! That's definitely something I've been trying to work on, too.

  3. After avoiding the beach for over two years now, I am getting way too pale. I absolutely love your outfit and I can't even tell that you were sunburned!

    Your shoes are gorgeous!

  4. Love the outfit, and great photographs
    Your blog is so cool :) now following
    Maybe you can checkout my blog & follow back?

  5. Absolutely stunning Jen! I have to agree with you, I tend to resort to neutrals in the summer, it's also my goal to try and wear more colours :)

    It's a shame that everyone's going and taking off, but never fear, your turn isn't too far off and I can't wait to see and hear all about it. Pepperoni slices are soooooo delicious, I could totally go for some right now!

  6. I really love this outfit! The top and skirt is great.

  7. Lovely! Seems you really are a big fan of H&M Jen!

    I LOVE seeing you in color Jen! I am going to enforce this when we go shopping :) The length of the skirt is wonderful. I need to give orange a shot this Summer. I love you <3

  9. the bright skirt is very adorable - sorry about the sun burn, how awful!

    Chic on the Cheap

  10. This skirt is so pretty! I am loving the longer lengths this spring (no fidgeting required!) and the color of this one is gorgeous!

  11. Loving the pop of color. You're well on your way to meeting your goal! I guess mine is to be more daring and to spend more time cataloguing my outfits.

  12. absolutely adore the outfit, you look stunning! And how have I not found your blog til now? newest follower! x

  13. gorgeous outfit and photos <3 love your skirt!!

  14. love your outfit!

  15. I love the proportions of this outfit--the length of the skirt has me hooked! As does it's gorgeous color! Proportions are so tricky to deal with sometimes. I want to wear loose things, but want to avoid looking swamped and swallowed by my sweaters. You look perfect in this ensemble. The skirt length is so modest, but it's color is bold. It's a refreshing twist from the current maxi trend (though I absolutely love that as well!)


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