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Hana Air Professional Review

One of my longest sponsors, Misikko, reached out to me and asked me to review the HANA air Professional Hair Dryer. Over the years I have strayed from my straightener and now the only tool I use for my hair on a daily basis is a hair dryer to dry my bangs. I jumped for the opportunity since blow drying my medium thickness hair can be quite a chore and I welcomed anything that could shorten the amount of time it takes to make my hair dry. Misikko offers a variety of blow dryers and hair straighteners - I had my chance to review (and giveaway) the HANA Professional Hair Straightener last year and this time it's all about the blow dryer.

As usual, I was blown away by the fast delivery - the order was placed and the package was delivered the next day. What's more impressive is Misikko's customer service. Usually, when you order a product you get exactly what you ask for. With Misikko, when you order a product, you get exactly what you ask for and so much more. There were little goodies hidden within the box such as an extra styling comb, shampoo/conditioner, roses, and hand sanitizer. Oh, and did I mention the little monkey? He's currently hanging by my bedside. This being my second order, I can promise you that you will not be disappointed when your package lands at your doorstep. :)

As for the actual blow dryer's performance, I made a little video to demonstrate it since I figured taking pictures wouldn't be the best way to show the hair drying process. It only took 4-5 minutes to completely blow dry my hair (which usually takes 10-15 minutes) and I'm never looking back at my old blow dryer. Oh, and also, as you're watching the review video please excuse my awkward blow drying faces, my awkward glasses, and my overall awkwardness.

If you guys have any other questions concerning my experiences with Misikko, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email! Be sure to sign up for their newsletter as well for great deals and updates.  :)


    You are cute. Marry me? :) <3 Robert and Jeremy can do their own thing heheh.

    My hair takes forever to dry via blow dryer too. That's why I just shower at night and sleep with semi wet hair and hope for the best when I wake up haha. Looks like you've mastered video-making. You can edit our next vlog ;)

  2. ive just come back to blogger and was so happy to see you're still going! amazing.
    this looks so good, and what a cute presentation! x

  3. Love the video!! That was super duper quick!

  4. Oh goodness! Awkward, but utterly, utterly awesome. I have to ask: what song did you put on the video? I'm loving it!

  5. Can I just say how fabulous your hair looks in this video? Not that it isn't always fabulous, haha. Sadly I don't have the patience to blow-dry my hair, so I usually let it air dry (which takes like 4-5 hours already).

  6. Thanks for the reply, Jen! Download, complete!

  7. Holy wow I need one of those!! Cool video =)


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