Hibernia Mine

So I'm finally getting around to posting these pictures from my photo adventure with Kirsten this past Wednesday.  She ended up taking me to the historic Hibernia Mine railroad bridge in downtown Raritan. It's the oldest metal truss bridge in the county and it was restored in the past few years. Instead of taking pictures on the bridge itself we ventured down under the bridge toward the man-made water fall where we found a little stone landing area. I'm not sure what its purpose is but it sure made for some fantastic photos. :)

Oh, and I'm not fishing. I'm horrible at fishing. Once I caught the tiniest fish and instead of reeling it in I flailed it around until it plopped right back into the water. I was pretty sure if I reeled it in it would slap me in the face and tell me to put it right back. I'm just duping you guys with a stick pretending to be awesome.

Target V-Neck Top
H&M Paper Bag Shortsw
Forever 21 Bracelet
Aldo Cut-out Wedges

I moved most of my stuff into my on-campus apartment on Sunday and I've still got a ton of unpacking, shopping, and more packing to do. It's a mess but it's still nice being back on campus. I've been doing a lot of training at work, bonding with my roommates, and sleeping. Lots of sleeping. I definitely have way too many hours of sleep to catch up on. But on the other hand, maybe if I keep up my schedule of waking up at 7:30 AM every day I'll get more done...which also means I'll end up taking more accidental naps. Whomp.


  1. like your outfit.. :)

    Irene Wibowo

  2. I LOVE the long sleeves shirt and shorts look. So chic :D

    Minestrone Soup For the Teenage Soul

  3. awesome shorts! <3


  4. Beautiful photos. I love that green V-top! I need a cardy in that color :) x

  5. this is a fun photo shoot! i thought you really are fishing there, haha!
    i love your top! very lovely <3

    anyway, Jen you got my "one lovely blog award", check out my blog page for more! (:


  6. the pictures are so lovely! I love your outfit! =)

  7. Lovely pictures!


  8. This outfit is so gorgeous- I love how it's so casual!

  9. lovely outfit and photos!! i adore your green top and bracelet <3

  10. LOVE THIS. Simple and sweet, and those bag shorts are too cute! Ba haha, fishing fake-out.

    Did you experience the earthquake today? I was in Georgia when it happened, but my mom called me from New Jersey freaking out! I hope you're okay!

  11. I really like that forest green color on you and your wedges, agh, I lovee them!
    I would fail at fishing if I tried. Scratch that, I don't think I would even try because fish freak me out. The idea of one coming near me is enough. haha So yes, I would probably have the same worry of having one come up and slap me in the face. lol
    Meh, but even if you're not really fishing, these pictures look gorgeous! xx

  12. Love this outfit. The green looks really great on you!

  13. I really love the shorts you are wearing!

  14. Your outfit is amazing! I want that shorts...are so perfect!
    I love it!!!


  15. Hehe I really did think you were fishing, which would've been so awesome but Kirsten found an amazing spot! It looks really peaceful :) And you match your surrounds with all the earthy tones! We gotta find an awesome place for our DD day!!!!!

  16. Love your outfit in here, it's casual but it is very chic. Love those aldo wedge. And the place is gorgeous!

  17. That's simple mix and match, well done. you looks superb especially with bun. it adds the sexy touch of you.

  18. That is not how you fish, Jennfish! Also, you cannot pretend to be awesome when you already are.

  19. HA! I thought you were fishing. You tricked me >:(! On the other hand, you look super adorable, and I am ready to tuck you into my suitcase. Ready? Better be ;)!

    P.S. Gimme those sandals.

  20. Jen! It has been way too long since I've had a chance to catch up on my blog reader and I was suddenly heart-whomped with these beautiful photos of you! You are the most adorable fisherlady ever and I can't can't wait to hang with you and Jasmine in NY. Let's make it happen, pretty lady.


  21. You look absolutely gorgeous! Love that shade of jade green on you + the lovely sandals :)

  22. wow amazing photo setting and you look picture perfect in it!

    Travel in Style

  23. The cutest outfit!


  24. you are so cute!! I'm loving how your outfit matches the nature backdrop in your photos :)



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