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Sing Along to My Stereo Heart

I swear, I'm horrible with posting my outfits on the day I actually wear them. I have approximately 4-5 outfit pictures from the past week that I just haven't posted. I promise I'm taking them I'm just slacking - not gonna lie. I'll definitely have more time and energy to blog since today was the last day of my internship in the city.  A bunch of people in the office took me out for lunch to celebrate and say goodbyes. I'll definitely miss the people there and the experience but I definitely won't miss the daily four-hour round-trip commute! On Monday I start working at my college internship but the commute is only a 20-minute drive (thank god) and then I'll be able to move into my on-campus apartment in only a week! Time is flying by!

Gap Striped Top
Zara Scalloped Pocket Skirt
H&M Belt
Urban Outfitters Heels
Sunglasses Ring via Jasmine

I wish I had some time between my two internships to relax but I'm spending this weekend down in Atlantic City! I've been planning a service event with a friend for Circle K clubs all over the East Coast including New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. It's going to be crazy insane and I'm so excited! Planning everything resulted in tons of stress but luckily it'll be over by Sunday and hopefully everyone will have had the time of their lives! Too bad I have to wake up at the crack of dawn tomorrow (but then again I'm used to it by now). :P

Oh, and I'm well aware I look super orange in these pictures. It might have to do with the sunlight that morning or with the orange of my skirt reflecting off my face. Most likely the sunlight. 

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  1. AHHH! I am in love with that skirt! I need it in my life, haha :D

  2. i love all the patterns and textures in this outfit! i need a rust-colored skirt in my wardrobe and the suede pumps look so soft! great outfit, as always!

    cute & little
    Etta Grace giveaway!

  3. You look darling! I love the skirt with those heels!

    Your schedule boggles my mind, by the way. I don't know how you keep up with everything:)

  4. I really love that ring. It's adorable!
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  5. hahaha yeah your skirt totally reflecting off your face, but you look so chic <3
    i hope you have a great day with your work and friends. Happy weekend, Jen!


  6. I know I've said this before, but I love you with bangs! Simple striped shirts like this are just perfection on so many levels, especially when complimented with such an adorable skirt! xx

  7. You look lovely! That skirt looks perfect on you. I love the ring!

    Lindsey Soup

  8. i've said it every time you've worn that skirt, but i love it!

    Chic on the Cheap

  9. Ugh that skirt kills me every time (IN A GOOD WAY). Also, those suede pumps are so perfect with it! When I saw that ring I was all "Oh I bet you Jazzy gave it to her", so right.

    It's always nice to embark on new adventures, so here's to your next internship, kick some major butt! I hope you're enjoying your weekend thus far xo

  10. Eep, love the color of that skirt! Everything about the skirt, actually - the belted high waist, the pocket details... but especially the color!

  11. I have to be honest-- I almost never post outfit photos on the day I wear 'em. That's the nice thing about blogging; you have a little bit more flexibility with it than you do with everything else in life. I am loving the stripes+bold color trend and I think you rock it out nicely!

  12. I definitely know what you mean about posting outfits on the same day. I think it's better to have outfit photos stacked up, so that way on the days when I'm in my PJs all day or something, I'll still have something to post. Hahah.

    I LOVE the color of that skirt! And stripes just make any outfit :) You look lovely, Jen!

    Mint & Mellow

  13. Love this outfit-the skirt it beautiful. You look adorable! Definitely want something like it for fall. I know how you feel I have been so behind on keeping up with my blog posts.

  14. it's been a while i hadn't visit ur blog, so i just realized that you cut ur bangss! :D
    btw, lovely outfit, Jen!


  15. Hey, I didn't even notice that you look like an oompa loompa until you mentioned it! hehe

    Congrats on finishing one internship and beginning a new one. It will look great on your resumé.

  16. i'm in love with this skirt! and i'm just as bad with posting outfits but it doesn't really matter to anyone else tbh :) x

  17. thanks so much for commenting on my blog <3 i was so surprised that it was you! i love this outfit - its perfect! the summer is flying by so quickly.

  18. So, so pretty. Love the stripes and your shoes so much.

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  19. I love the outfit! I so am trying to mix my basics as masterfully as you do!

  20. Your outfit is simple yet stylish and chic! I love your skirt and pumps:)

    Thank you for visiting me:):)

    Stories and Sequins

  21. You are glowing Jen (well it could be the orange hehe :P) but I love it! This outfit is definitely my go to outfit--a striped tee, brown belt, and a solid skirt. Good luck with your new internship and I hope you had fun at Atlantic City! <3


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