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Dynamic Duo Reunited

So here are the Dynamic Duo outfits that Jasmine and I styled up on her last day on the east coast! We didn't have much time to spend together since I had to go to work and class but we managed to wake up early for some breakfast and a photo shoot. I love that we both styled up this skirt differently even though we decided what our outfits were going to be in the same room. There's little ice cream cones all over the skirt and I'm in love with how adorable it is. I've been looking for that perfect blue skirt for a while now too! I can't wait to style it up again (now that I've finally done my enormous pile of laundry). Jasmine and I must have looked just a little bit silly walking around in matching skirts and jumping around for pictures. :P

It's been a couple of weeks and I still miss Jasmine! If only her visits were a monthly occasion - or if only I had enough money to fly over to California. Better start saving! :)

Urban Outfitters Shirt, Skirt, Ring
Forever 21 T-shirt
Aldo Sandals

Gap T-shirt, Cardigan, Belt, Flats
Urban Outfitters Skirt
Forever 21 Bow

I've got so many meetings planned for this weekend and I feel like they're never ending. It's not so bad though since the meetings are all with people I can't wait to see. Plus I got to see one of my best friends last night who already graduated and is currently teaching in the Bronx. It's weird remembering that he has a full-time job now and I can't see him whenever I want since he's no longer just a five minute walk away from me. Then later tonight I might meet up with my friend from home to catch a movie. The movie theater near my house is giving away free popcorn and drinks with any ticket purchase. JACKPOT? I think so.


  1. You two really do look adorable!!! I love photos of people who look happy and carefree! I really should try jumping around more and look like I'm enjoying myself in my photos... LOL :^/

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  2. I hope you actually get free popcorn this time :P Lol. JK I don't think the theater will be as snooty as Alice + Olivia were :P I MISS YOU TOOOOO. START SAVING!!!!!!!

  3. you guys look so adorable! <3

  4. Yay Dynamic Duo!!! You both look great!! That skirt would look a-maz-ing with some white or olive green tights!! So glad you two got to style an item together! <3

  5. I love that you guys have such a great friendship despite the distance. You guys look so cute in the skirts and the way you styled it reflects your personalities.

  6. you two are the cutest thing in the world.
    love your outfit, esp the shoes, SO MUCH.<3

  7. Y'all are just too cute! LOVE that skirt and both of your awesome interpretations of it!

  8. So cute! Love the sandals and the skirt!
    xx Allie

  9. I love the skirt you guys chose! Its really nice to see it styled up two different ways!


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