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Under My Umbrella

My mom took these pictures a few weeks ago when I wasn't feeling so well and made a quick trip home for the afternoon. She always knows how to lift up my mood and she always knows all the right things to say - there's just something magical about mothers and it makes me wonder if one day I'll be able to be like her. It was raining during these pictures (hence the umbrella) and my mom braved the drizzle with my camera in her hands. She's seriously the best I could ask for. I don't know anyone else that can put up with me, especially in my worst moments.

Gap Jacket
Urban Outfitters Crop Top, Dress, Tights
DSW Socks
Rocket Dog Boots via TJ Maxx
c/o Gogo Philip Necklace

I'm feeling a little groggy right now since I took an impromptu Saturday afternoon nap, which are the best kinds of naps. That's what I get for taking codeine in the middle of the day. But I need to snap out of it in ten minutes since it's my friend's 22nd and we're celebrating all night long. Gotta love birthdays. :)


  1. love your jacket and tights, great look


  2. You look adorable! Your mom sounds like the best!

    Lindsey Soup

  3. Aw your Mom sounds so sweet! You look super adorable and UGHHH I love the layering!

    Have fun at the birthday party! xo

  4. Loving the sweater over the dress! You look absolutely adorable.

  5. Oh Jen this is one of my favorites from you EVERRRRRRR. I've been looking for a parka like that (though there's no need for one here hehe). Love everything about this--the sweater, the dress, the tights, the boots, and YOU of course :)

  6. I hope you're okay now, Jen and your mom is totally sweet one! I had same condition with you 2 days ago and mom always be the best one (:
    i love the third pictures, your mom is great! have a good day!


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  8. you look so cute, these are beautiful photos :)

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  9. Jen, I LOVE those boots! seriously, I need them!! and your jacket is so pretty too! I love this outfit :) x

  10. Hope that you had a great time for your friend's birthday! The printed tights are a nice touch to your outfit and yay for a fantastic mum who will brave the rain for you (:

  11. What a darling outfit! Do you take your own pics? They are so clear and beautiful - what kind of camera do you use? Lovely post!

  12. AHHH!
    I love.

  13. Love your look....

    Love your blog....

    Love you!


  14. Thank you for your comment on my blog! Your tights are very original too; this whole look is just too cute on you :) Thank you SO much for hosting my shop's banner ad - I'm truly honored to have it here.

  15. In Spain a nap is the best ..... recover for the entire evening.

    The photos are precioosas ....
    a kiss


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