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7/15: My Battery Is Low

Forever 21 Coat
Joe Fresh Gingham Shirt
Urban Outfitters White Dress
HUE Tights
Rocket Dog Boots via TJ Maxx

Jeremy and I took a trip into the city about a week ago for some delicious dim sum and one of my friend's brother's comedy acts. Unfortunately I was a bit of an idiot and forgot to charge my camera battery. Before Jeremy could even get ten pictures in...the battery died. Therefore, I didn't get shots of my outfit underneath my coat. Style Blogger Problems. You can sort of see the gingham patterned shirt peeking out from underneath my coat so I figured I'd post them anyway. Whoops! Lesson learned.

Winter break is coming to an end and I'm moving back into my on-campus apartment this afternoon. I'm excited to start this spring semester (fresh starts are always nice) but at the same time I keep remembering that this is my last semester in college. These past four years really did fly by and I wish I could hold on to them forever. Everyone keeps telling me that you'll never have the same experience in life afterward so I guess I better enjoy these next few months to the fullest! :)


  1. Oh no!! That's the worst thing-- having your camera die in the middle of a photosheet! You're just lucky to have taken a great 10 photos, mine would have been awful and not even in focus yet at that point, ahaha!

    Anyway, you look amazing and this is such a fun place for photos. Those tights are such a fun shade and I love the button detail on that coat. Have fun starting your last semester in college. I'm sure you'll make it a good one! >w<

  2. whoops
    I meant
    ahaha. > w>

  3. Love the outfit! I also like your blog, so I'm a new follower =)

  4. Even with less than 10 photos, you managed to have such amazing ones! I miss the city. And I miss you. And I miss your on-campus apartment. Love you foreverrrrrrrr. Definitely enjoy your last semester at Rutgers, but graduating is truly just the beginning of your life so don't be scared hehe ;)

  5. Less then 10 pictures, but you still have these amazing ones! :D
    I've learned too about "you have to bring your camera/phone charger wherever you go" yesterday, so this problem wouldn't be happened again!
    Anyway, nice coat! Even though I can't see through the shirt :P
    Have a nice day, Jen!


  6. You look great in your coat :) I always hate when I forget to charge the battery (or my latest, forgetting the memory card after I get to a location), but you came away with some great shots!!

  7. Gorgeous outfit - I absolutely love the colour of your jacket - love neutrals :)

  8. It's a sweet outfit, even if you couldn't show us the shirt.

    I can't believe the school year is almost over either. What are your plans after college?


  9. From your blog posts, it really seems like you've had a wonderful winter break and are all recharged/refreshed for the new semester; unbelievable that it's your last, but I hope that you have loads of fun and make it your best semester yet!

  10. I had that yetserday. It could have slapped myself! haha. I love the picturs you got though :) Those boots are amazing! x


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