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Chicago In A Bean

I finally got done sorting through my Chicago pictures! I sort of took a break from my 15 for 15 during this trip since most of my 15 items were in the wash and I was in too much of a hurry to pack and catch my flight. Plus, I was expecting super cold weather in Chicago so I needed a warmer sweater.

One of my favorite parts about visiting Chicago (aside from the food of course) is the Bean (which is casualy sitting behind me in these pictures). It looks kind of awkward just randomly stationed in the middle of Chicago but you can see the entire city in it's reflection. Amazing, right? My friends and I "flicked" the Bean before leaving to hunt for some food. I feel like the majority of my trip to Illinois consisted of eating, eating, and more eating. Thank god for friends who share my love for delicious food.

H&M Coat
Topshop Sweater
Love Culture Print Dress
ASOS Tights
c/o Blowfish Shoes Jackie Boots

My friend Donnesh took all of my photos here and he's quite the dresser himself, so I switched to standing behind the camera and snapped some quick shots of him. I'm in love with his little bow tie - kind of makes me want to invest in one myself (but I know I'd just look plain silly with one around my neck). Both his chambray shirt and his bow tie are from American Apparel. The last pictures is of Donnesh, myself, and Eric - these boys are two of my favorite people in the world and it was painful saying goodbye. Donnesh is visiting me all the way from Texas in mid-February so I'm pretty excited about that. If only I had enough money to travel the world!


  1. Everyone is so stylishly dressed! Love these photos. It's neat how the big ball distorts the background. So cool : )

  2. I've been living in Chicago for 4 years now! and every time I go to downtown I have to go to the millennium park hahaa! I never get bored of going and passing by the bean lol thats awesome that you had fun in Chicago :)

  3. Everyone looks so stylish! Love your skirt!! :D

    xo, Laura

  4. i'm so glad you were able to visit chicago! :) it's great here. and it seems like you were able to visit before the real cold hit this week, so that's good too :)


  5. You and your friend look great! I dig the pattern on your skirt, and that backdrop.. way too neat, I love all the lights and mirror-ness going on. :)

  6. These photos are some of my favorites from you Jen! I am loving the reflection in the Bean. I've never been to Chicago but I think that should be the next place we go together! Love this outfit too <3 Miss you tons!

  7. Donnesh's bow tie is completely adorable; guys wearing bow ties is always one of my favourite to see (they're just so much quirkier and have more personality than ties, I think, haha.) The Bean definitely creates some interesting location photographs and all the bokeh that appeared is really pretty. Glad to hear that you had such a good time in Chicago! xx

  8. Absolutely adore this outfit, you look SO chic!! Beautiful color scheme too!

    #1: You are always adorable. In everything. I love this outfit especially- that skirt! AHH! To die for.
    #2: Holy guacamole! You friend there! He is precious. Seriously. So cute. I love his look.
    #3: Your blog is the bestest. :)

  10. nice photos :D
    Love Lois xxx

  11. These photos are great and so much fun!! I love any city at Twilight!! :) Gosh, I want your tights!! And your friends <33 so handsome!

    And three cheers for planning trips around food!! I'm with you on that one, lovely <3


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