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8/15: Roaming the Mall

Gap Cardigan
H&M Tank
Forever 21 Skirt
HUE Tights
Urban Outfitters Bag
Kenneth Cole Watch
c/o Blowfish Shoes Jackie Boots

Our last day in Chicago was more relaxing and we wandered around one of the biggest malls in the area. After wasting some time creating our own happy hour at one in the afternoon, we decided to go see Devil Inside. It was definitely scary beyond belief but overall it wasn't really worth seeing. Oh, and the reason I'm carrying my glasses in these photos is because I accidentally dropped one of my contacts while taking them out before going to bed the night before. I look ridiculously dorky in my glasses so I refused to wear them in my pictures. :P

Today was my last first day of the semester. One of my classes was cancelled and one of my classes only ran for 30 minutes since the professor only went over the syllabus so it was a good ease into the beginning of classes. I need to start buying my textbooks - I always end up putting it off until my exams start. Good luck to everyone else just starting their classes!


  1. love this look! great mix of patterns.

    good luck with your new semester :)

  2. One of your classes was cancelled? GURL you're lucky. Mine lasted the whole time through. 'Twas a bit sad, ahaha.

    You're looking adorable here. I really like how your tights match the pretty purple maroon color in your skirt, and also the floral against the stripes. Rock on.

  3. Cute mix of prints and colours in your photographs! That sounds like quite a pleasant beginning to the semester...I remember last semester I never had a class canceled, it was kind of sad. Hope the rest of your week goes as nicely! xx

  4. love the colors and syllabus week is always the best! :) gluck with your last semester!

  5. Um, why can't any of my classes be cancelled? MY SCHOOL IS ON TOP OF A MOUNTAIN!

    I love how casual chic you look, plus dorky glasses in hand? Yes please! Embrace the nerd, I have (because I can't be bothered with contacts).

    Have a fantastic rest of the week Jen! xo

  6. Wish we were roaming the mall togethaaaaaa. Maroon and forest green go super well together. Gotta try that sometime! You're. Wearing. So. Much. Color. And prints! I. Love. It! And I love you too<3

  7. Management implemented the policy in response to retail center patrons who complained of without supervision youngsters roaming around the retail center.

  8. I love that you paired this floral skirt with stipes... BOLD and AWESOME dear :) I love it

  9. ps. I'm following you now :)


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