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9/15: Tale As Old As Time

It's Thursday, which means it's the last day of classes for the week (at least for me)! It's only been three days since we've officially been back at school and I'm already exhausted. I have a knack for nodding off during my classes due to short attention span and need for interactive learning. Just sitting there and listening to someone lecture doesn't really help much in my opinion. I'm glad my professors that I've already met so far at least seem pretty chill. I have my last class of the week in a few minutes - it's called Wine Insights which seems really interesting. Maybe I'll finally develop a taste for wine.

Forever 21 Sweater, Jeans, Pearl Bracelet
Joe Fresh Button Down
c/o Blowfish Shoes Vance Booties
Kenneth Cole Watch
Pink/Pearl Bracelet via homemade gift

My roommates and I went to go see Beauty and the Beast last night because who doesn't love getting to watch your childhood movies in theaters?? I hate how expensive the movies have gotten and I always know when I go I'm going to start craving some popcorn. Even when I resist, once I hear all of the munching in the theater I start drooling. The movie was amazing (just like I expected) and the 3D was beautifully done. The only bad part about watching it in theaters was that I wasn't able to obnoxiously sing along to every song without getting yelled at. :P


  1. I agree! Movies are so expensive now. But I'm glad you got to see Beauty and the Beast! It's one of my favorite childhood movies.

    Great layering on the short sleeved sweater! Such a cute print :)


  2. I swear.
    I want to look like you... and dress like you... seriously.
    So pretty! And your outfit? So stylish, yet classy.

  3. love your sweater! adorable!
    good luck in your wine class. that sounds awesome! cheers to that :)
    and i totally agree with you about movies...too much money. i don't even go anymore (can't remember the last one i was at). i'll just wait for them to get on netflix.

  4. I love the horsies on your shirt!! That watch is amazing too!

  5. I'm LOVING the outfit! The boots are amazing.
    And I'm hoping to see Beauty and the Beast

  6. This is an awesome look! I love layering sweaters in shirts! x

  7. I sooo love your boots! You look really great! Good luck on your classes and I hope they show Beauty and the Beast 3d here in my country! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  8. Oh wow, that's very lucky to have Fridays off! It must feel like the school week goes back quicker than usual? (I tend to have Mondays as my easy days...) I'm definitely hesitant about seeing my childhood classics in 3D, but it sounds like you had quite a pleasant experience so it doesn't sound that bad after all. Hope that you have a good weekend! xx

  9. You having Fridays off only makes me want to visit you for a crazy long weekend even more! Love love love the layering of a tee over a button-down blouse! The arm candy is amazingggg!


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