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Fashion Bloggers at Rutgers

So a few months ago I had the chance to interview two fellow fashion bloggers who also attend Rutgers, Arabelle and Melanie, for the online magazine that I'm a part of, I Am Rutgers (I wrote about it before here). It was awesome getting to meet people on campus who also blog in their spare time. The fact that Arabelle and Melanie were so different made the editing process way more interesting and I was able to play their differences off one another. Definitely check it out. :)


  1. How cool! I'd love to meet other bloggers in my area...what a lovely idea!

  2. I love Arabelle's pink and purple hair!! And Melanie is so sweat and I love her style!! That red blazer is awesome! They gave wonderful advice for bloggers as well.!

    Great video Jen!! Thank you for sharing!! And a job well done! :)


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