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On New Foundation

My roommate and I decided to take an impromptu trip into the city on Saturday despite the forecast of a rainy and snowy mix. We prepared ourselves with umbrellas and layers of clothing (well, maybe not on my end), but luckily the worst weather situation we faced was getting trapped in chilly wind tunnels. We hit up some delicious and cheap restaurants for lunch and dinner and met up with my friend Rob in between for a quick movie. I love getting to catch up with him and I'm glad that I haven't lost touch with him despite him having graduated a year before me.

We walked through Chinatown for a while at some point which is where we decided to pause for these pictures. It was so hard waiting for the sidewalk to clear out - wave after wave of hipsters would keep walking past us but it serves us right for being in an urban college area.

American Rag Coat
Forever 21 Sweater
Urban Outfitters Belt
Zara Skirt, Purse
HUE Tights
Aldo Wedges

Before we had to catch our train home, my roommate and I had a few extra minutes to kill so we stopped by the H&M by Penn Station. Instead of browsing through the racks I spent most of the time typing away on my phone. While I was typing mid-sentence, a random guy comes up to me and my first instinct is that he thinks I'm an employee. He introduces himself and he tells me he just saw me from afar and wanted to know what I was like. I'm pretty sure this kind of stuff only happens in movies. My gut instinct was to run away as fast as I could but since I can never say no I indulged him in some awkward, small talk about absolutely nothing before slowly making my way to the door. Oh, New York City. You're so full of characters.

Oh, and the picture above pretty much sums up who I am.


  1. Haha, that's so funny that some random guy did that. And equally creepy...

    Love these colors! :)


  2. I need to take an impromptu trip sometime, to NY of course ;)

    Love this outfit, definitely a NY guy magnet ;) Hahah, I'm just bugging you.

    Have a fantastic week Jen! x

    P.S. Awesome shot of you doing your thing.

  3. oh, those funny but weird people you come across sometimes. I love your shoes Jen! I want a pair like those... x

  4. I love your shoes and coat

  5. Hahaha aww, bet it made your day! Have a lovely valentine's day x misstea & co.

  6. This might sound weird but my favorite picture is the one from the back! lol! I just love the silhouette of your coat! Promise I'm not creepy like the guy in h&m!

    XOXO, Lindsey

  7. If you didn't already have a wonderful boyfriend of your own, I would have said something corny and cheesy about how this guy is probably the one and that he fell in love with you instantly and that you should totally go on a date. Another scene that really only happens in the movies. haha. Anyway, lucky that you can experience the big city and look cute doing it. =)

  8. omh the random guy, hahaha! a lil bit creepy I think :P
    you dresses very well, Jen, I love your wedges and your little purse <3
    Happy Valentine's Day anyway!! Spread the love!

    Kiss and hug from JANE FROM THE BLOG

  9. Oh we have some memories at that H&M at Penn Station :) I'm so jealous that you get to make such spontaneous trips into the city during the weekends! One day soon we'll be reunited in that city. Love this look! It's so comfy and cozy and cute! You are gorgeous my dear! Happy Valentine's Day! I LOVE YOU<3

  10. Adore that coat =) You look cute! That guy in H&M is so creepy :/

  11. Luckily the weather wasn't too disgusting on Saturday! It sounds like you both had a lovely time (impromptu trips have such freedom to them even if they're not very far.) The colour in your skirt is really lovely and I like that you wore wedges for walking around the city. Hope that you have a good rest of the week! xx


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