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Don't Break These Promises

Whenever my friend Rob came to visit me at my on-campus apartment, he currently resides in New York City, he would always offer to take my outfit pictures. This would force me to change out of my sweats and put some effort into how I looked that day. It was during one of these hang outs when we discovered my perfect outfit picture location.

There was a giant, luxury apartment complex being built across the street from my apartment and, since the bottom floor (for stores) was still under construction, the nearby pathway was usually empty. No people? Check. The complex was so tall that it blocked out any chance of sunlight and I usually prefer taking pictures in the shade. No sun? Check. The long pathway and pastel tiling also gave a beautiful sense of perspective. Check. I hit the jackpot. Too bad I moved back home before I got any more use out of it.

Joe Fresh Chambray Top
Forever 21 Bow Shorts
Kenneth Cole Watch
Bakers Heels

Now that I'm back home I really want to get some more use out of my tripod and start taking some self-portraits again. The problem is, all of my usual abandoned areas are being torn down and reconstructed with shopping centers. What can I do? Guess it's time to scout out some new locations that are void of people. Otherwise, I'll just learn to deal with the glances of strangers who are all thinking, "what in the world is that girl doing jumping in front of her tripod...alone?". Maybe I'll get a little sign to prop up that says "Blogger at Work".


  1. I am absolutely in love with those shorts. They're so cute! Its hard to "dress up" shorts, but these are totally perfect.

    Two years ago, when I (briefly) got into "fashion blogging", I'm pretty sure my next door neighbors though I had lost my mind. They would frequently come home to me posing (badly) with a tripod between our houses, and wearing strange outfits. Awkward much? Best of luck with the new location scouting!

  2. A "blogger at work" sign actually sounds like an incredible idea. It'd definitely maybe possibly help with the looks! ;)

    Those shorts are adorable, and I also love your gold and blue watch! The location of these pictures are quite perfect, I must agree! So nice and clean looking. :)

  3. Great location! Cute and casually easy outfit, love the shoes!

  4. I absolutely love those shorts! They're adorable!

    xoxo, Laura

  5. What an adorable pair of shorts! I absolutely love your heels, too! I tend to run into people who ask me why I'm posing in front of the camera when I take photos for my blog. It gets pretty awkward, haha.


  6. LOVE this outfit, those shoes are awesome!!!
    And I think that's an awesome idea! I should make a sign for my tripod, then I won't feel as stupid taking outfit pics in random spots. I still haven't been brave enough to venture away from my driveway, but hopefully I will soon

  7. Love your shoes!!!

  8. Pretty! Love the shorts =) Adorable outfit! X

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  9. I JUST found shorts like these (denim version) at Forever21 in D.C. It's cool seeing what different area stores have :). How nice of your friend to take these shots! Your tripod ones are really great, especially in the summer.


  10. Lovely photos!!


  11. Gorgeous, Jen! You look amazing, those shoes and shoes are perfect basics! I absolutely lust after your closet :)

    Can't wait to see new self portraits! Sometimes them most challenging photo shoots are the most fun <3 (or we should hope)


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