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Guest Post: Jeremy (Bended Brains)

A lot of people ask me what it's like to be one of the standard photographers for Jennifhsieh. "Isn't it really challenging? How do you managed to balance taking such beautiful - nay, perfect - pictures of Jen while at the same time being able to still dress and pose so amazingly eloquently in every fashion shoot? Don't you deserve your own fashion blog?" 

These are the types of questions I have to deal with everyday, just walking down the street going about my own business. I always respond in the same way, while looking them deep in their eyes. "Yes," I soothingly murmur, "yes, it is incredibly difficult." Not a lot of people think about it, but as a photographer I have to get into all sorts of daring poses to get just the right angle to fully capture the light and Jen's radiance. 

What types of poses, you ask? Well, standing for one - that's really the main pose. Sometimes, though, I have to squat or even sit down. I tell you, it is amazingly difficult on the knees. And don't even get me started on the dangers I face at the locations of our shoots. One time Jen wanted to take pictures when it was almost freezing out; it was very extreme. I'm just glad we both managed to survive. These are the types of challenges you face, though, when you commit yourself to being a photographer for a big time fashion blogger.

I just hope all of you reading this appreciate the momentous lengths all your photographers go to for you before it's too late. The average life span for us isn't much more than thirty years due to "on-site accidents." 

If you ever need a new photographer, though, or a good laugh make sure to check out my blog here.


  1. Haha this is hilarious and really great! I love your work, Jeremy.


  2. I really got a good chuckle out of this Jeremy. I miss you both! <3

  3. Too funny! I see the attraction.


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