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Guest Post: The Ocean in Your Bedroom

Hello, lovely readers of JennifHsieh! I'm so happy to have the chance to guest post for Jen on her wonderful blog! My name is Sarah and I blog over at The Ocean in Your Bedroom. I love cheesy junk food, having TV show marathons, vintage dresses, and I'm obsessed with traveling the big, beautiful world. Those are really the only things you need to know about me.

Like Jen, I mostly blog about personal style and my crazy little life. Last year, I packed up that crazy, little life with my brand-new husband and moved from Newfoundland, Canada, all the way to Northern Scotland. Needless to say it was a bit of an adjustment moving across an ocean! Aberdeen has changed a lot of my daily life and, especially, the way I blog.

I thought a fun way to introduce myself to you would be to do an outfit post, and show you around Aberdeen a little at the same time!
The first thing you need to know about Aberdeen is that it has been dubbed "the Granite City," and boy, it lives up to its name! Everything is grey, absolutely everything - even the weather. That makes photo shoots kind of challenging; it's hard not to seem boring and repetitive! Not exactly how you want to come off as a style blogger, right? But it makes you appreciate the little bits of colour and interest that are around, whether it's an old-school British phone booth or the flags strung up for the Queen's jubilee.   

I took these photos on Union Street, which is the centre of town and basically the farthest I'm willing to venture from my apartment. No, I'm not that lazy, but everything you need is around here! This is where all the big stuff happens, like Christmas tree lighting and parades and the Olympic torch relay (which was just last week).

It's also where random dudes on bicycles will sneak into your pictures and scare the pants off you. See above photo for reference.

(I just thought the sign was pretty funny! Another Aberdonian treat.)

If you ever visit my little corner of the Internet you'll soon notice that I love to complain about the Scottish weather. It's a frequent theme in my posts; the rain, the cold, the vitamin D deficiency, the rain... oh the rain. Being from Newfoundland, which is not known for its fabulous weather, people expected me to handle Aberdeen's one season a little better than I did. But what can I say? In a grey city it'd be nice to see a blue sky now and again! 

This weather is why, in the middle of June, I am wearing a chunky cardi and cable-knit socks. Sad, isn't it? I mean, it's not all bad for a girl who loves tights more than anything and has a great collection of winter hats (that's me!). I guess it would be nice to wear this romper the way it was intended- sleeveless, possibly frolicking in the sun - but layers just give more opportunities to accessorize!

Well, I've rambled quite enough for now, and I think these pictures have captured the essence of my daily wanderings. I hope you've enjoyed your little introduction to me, and to Aberdeen! It's a funny little place, but we make do. If you're ever in the area, look me up! Stop by! Let's hang! I'll have absolutely no idea what to do, but it's nice to be nice. :)

Thanks so much for reading, and thanks to Jen for letting me do this! Have a great day, all. 
Sarah K.


  1. I can't open your blog, which is a shame. You look like my type of blogger, though, fun and funny!

  2. Never mind, managed to open the blog!

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  4. Hi Jen, I think I know why the link isn't working. There's an "o" missing from bedroom in the link. Oh, and I'm Sarah's husband. I've seen your blog many a time on her computer (and my own :P).

  5. Hi Jen! Ok so you know your a little living doll corect. That is special the way you work that cammera. I Liked my visit of your teen vouge keep up the good work!

    Yours! ~ Samuel


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