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I Can See Clearly Now

The last time I wore glasses on my blog was over two years ago. I love my contacts to death and I always feel dorky in my frames. When it comes to glasses, I can usually only wear metal frames because the bridge of my nose is flatter, causing the plastic frames to slide down my nose. However, when gave me the opportunity to try out one of their prescription glasses, how could I resist? The plastic lenses still do slide down my nose (only because I was stubborn and demanded plastic) but I love them anyway since I don't feel as dorky in them. I might add some nose pads to see if they'll make my bridge higher.

The best part about Glasses USA is how affordable they make their glasses! They have plenty of sales and coupons to help you meet your budget (which is awesome since I have a tiny budget). If you want to buy glasses from them, you can also use the code "Blog10" for an extra 10% off your purchase! :)

Joe Fresh Blouse
Forever 21 Jeans, Necklace
Bakers Shoes Heels
c/o Free Endearment Bowling Bag
c/o Glasses USA Glasses

I keep laughing at these photos because I look so much classier than I actually am. I guess working in the city really can change the way you dress or present yourself. It's crazy how many people actually wear heels into the office every single day. For the most part you'll just see women dressed really fancy with sneakers, and her heels hidden in her bag, just to get around the city faster. I prefer to stick with my beloved flats.

Oh! And if you wanted to virtually try on some eyeglasses on, there's a virtual mirror at the bottom of the post. Try it out! :)


  1. I absolutely love your frames and what an amazing look, too! So sophisticated and chic!


  2. ooove this outfit! And I think you look really cute in glasses! :D

  3. Last time I ordered prescription glasses from the Internet it didn't go so well, or else I'd totally try this since I want some vintage style rimmed glasses. You always look so put together, miss Jen. :D I love that tiny bird necklace and the cream + white combo!

  4. Love this outfit! I work in downtown Columbus, and while it's not NYC, I definitely see a lot of women in pants suits or pencil skirts with sneakers. I prefer to wear stylish flats and pack my heels in my bag. That way, I look cute both ways :)

  5. You look beautiful. So effortlessly Classy.

  6. My goodness, you do look classy! Love the simple outfit. AND the glasses! You look great in them. You're definitely making me feel better about the new prescription I got yesterday!

  7. LOVE this look! I'm used to seeing a more feminine side of you, so this is a pleasant change!

  8. I LOVE working Jen ;) And flats in the city all the way. I couldn't even last NYFW in heels, let alone working in them. Sheesh. <3

    PS. I'm eating shaved ice right now and it makes me think of the time we went to the asian market together and you ordered some there...Yum!<3

  9. I've only just been prescribed glasses, and I love these ones you've chosen.

    Also love your shirt.

    Wardrobe Quarry

  10. OMG this is my first to see you in this outfit, so classy and elegant! <3 I love the shirt and your bag, and you do look good in glasses, you should wear again next time :D


  11. clean and stylish!

  12. Love your bag!


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