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Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwich

TGIF (15 minutes ago)! Now that I'm working full-time, the weekends are so much more beautiful. No matter how much you may love your job, it's nice to have breaks where you can stay up late, sleep in, and get a breather from work. I still have to work a little over the weekend but it's manageable and it keeps me in the right mindset for Monday. Plus, it's father's day this weekend so I'm going to head home and spend some quality time with my family. Even though my family isn't very into celebrating holidays, I still like forcing them to indulge me and pretend like they care. Gotta keep little traditions alive!

Stylemint T-shirt
Forever 21 Jeans
c/o Footzyrolls Nude Flats
c/o Gogo Philip Necklace
c/o Free Endearment Wallet

Footzyrolls sent over these flats for me to try out and I'm obsessed with them. They're perfect since I've started working in the city and all I do is walk and walk and walk. It's nice wearing nice shoes around the office but when it comes to the rough streets of New York, you'll want to be as comfortable as possible. These flats fold over nicely too so they fit in my backpack. They have a ton of awesome designs but I couldn't help but get the nude ones. They remind me of my old ballet days when I was younger. 

I got an extra pair just like the ones I'm wearing except they have an extra orange piping around the edge. I'll be giving them away on my blog soon so a lucky reader can try them out for herself (or himself). ;) They're a size Medium, so if you're between a shoe size of 7-8, be on the look out!

P.S. I look like a strawberry ice cream sandwich in this shirt. And I love it.


  1. I've always wanted to try a pair of Footzyrolls for the longest time. They would probably be the answer to all my heel-related shoe problem that I have (i.e. have too many heels and not enough flats). I love your Stylemint tee! Hopefully you'll still have a fun time celebrating Father's Day!


  2. OMG. I need that t-shirt, and that necklace, AND YOU in my life ASAP. Love love love! And I think I have those F21 jeans... :) That second to last photo is so stinking cute!

  3. OMG. I need that t-shirt, and that necklace, AND YOU in my life ASAP. Love love love! And I think I have those F21 jeans... :) That second to last photo is so stinking cute!

  4. I fell in love with these nude flats, they look amazing! :)

  5. loving your shirt!!! and now i'm hungry for ice cream. thanks a lot. :(

  6. You look happy and relaxed in that outfit. The Stylemint T-shirt and Gogo Philip necklace look nice. I love the jump-for-joy. Your hair looks especially pretty in the second to last photo. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. You ALWAYS look gorgeous even just in a simple t-shirt like this, you look simply fresh! <3
    Have a great weekend with your beloved ones, Jen! (:


  8. I love that top! :D And ooh those flats sound awesome! :)
    When I did enjoy my job I felt the same way...It's still nice to have weekends even though you enjoy your job, ha ha.

  9. If there was an ice cream truck and you were one of the flavors, I would pick youuuu~ <3 <3 haha, I just adore the title of this!

    I'm a strong believer that working makes you appreciate your time off more. I'm glad that you're appreciating your weekends more! I have classes two days during the week with random shifts throughout, so getting a day off is definitely more wonderful than it normally would be.

  10. love that shirt!
    I always carry flats with me for walking. no matter how I love my heels, they will never be the practical choice. sad as that makes me. :)

    enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  11. those are the perfect little ballet flats!

  12. Hahaha this shirt does look like an ice cream sandwich. It looks super light and comfy too, perfect for summer!

    I'll def be on the lookout for those shoes!!!



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