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Shake It Out, Shake It Out

Am I the only one confused with the weather lately? One day it's beautiful and the skies are full of sunshine, and then I'll step outside the next day to be greeted with chilly winds and rainfall. I never know whether or not to wear shorts or bundle up in a cardigan. I guess I'll just have to layer up just in case it goes either way.

On one of those beautiful, sunny days, I made a trip to the beach with my friends from high school. We had a chance to catch up while basking in the warm sunlight and giving our skin some much needed color. Speaking of color, this is probably one of the few times you'll ever see me wearing red. It's not my favorite color to wear - maybe because it's so bold - but I like it in small doses, such as this bikini top.

ASOS Bikini Top
Old Navy Bikini Bottom

Today was my first day working at my first, full-time job. I'm still somewhat in denial that I'm not a college student anymore (or a student in general) but I'm sure it'll kick in eventually...right? I'm super excited to start working though and to receive my first paycheck! My job is in New York City so the commute from New Jersey can be pretty rough. If you guys remember, I interned in the city last year, and the commute wore me out by the end of the summer! To avoid the commute, I'm currently looking for a place in the city with a friend from college. Hopefully we'll snatch up a place for cheap on the Upper East Side but for now I have my fingers crossed. Living in the city means gaining an extra two hours of sleep! Jackpot.


  1. Love your red bikini top! I remember when I first started interning and people kept telling me "oh you'll get used to waking up early in the morning".. but I never did :( I'd end up falling asleep at my desk by mid afternoon. What does your tattoo mean? x miss tea | crochet giveaway

  2. Hey, is this a real tattoo? What does it say? I's in German? I know that "ohne" means without but I can't figure out the second word.. It's really beautiful though and, if it's real, can you tell me if it hurt too much? Because I want one in the same place.. :) :*

  3. Congrats on your job!! Where are you working??


  4. These photos are adorable and you are so CUTE and that last pictures srsly Jen srsly you're just such a lovely little lady~ sneakin' around like that. :D

    The weird weather isn't just you--it's super strange here, too. Hail and storms two days ago and now it's hawter than hell.

  5. Wow congratulation for your new job! Finally you got it! Good luck on your productive days, Jen :D
    And I love the bikini top colors and, do you have some exercises? I can see your body got abs, is it?

    Have a wonderful day, Jen!


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