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The Target I'm Aiming At

Urban Outfitters Blazer
c/o Ali & Kris Top
BCBG Max Azria Skirt
Bakers Shoes Heels

And the brightly colored patterns continue! The day is moving so slowly for some reason. It might be because I'm anticipating the weekend so much that it just seems like it's never going to arrive. It's been a long week but an enjoyable one at that. I feel like I'm falling more into place at my office and I'm meeting so many more people. There's a Happy Hour after work tonight and I'm super excited - one of my co-workers won us an open bar for an hour so we'll be taking full advantage of that! Afterwards, Jeremy and I are hitting up a cabaret show and then meeting up with some friends to rage at a gay bar. Life is good and I can't wait for the weekend to begin. Less than four hours!

What are you guys doing this weekend?


  1. That top! Amazing!
    You look great dear c:

  2. Chic outfit, love the blouse

  3. Oh helllllo gorgeous. I agree (about anticipating the weekend), seriously. The more you anticipate, the further away it seems. I don't understand it.

    Too bad all I'm anticipating is writing my 2 term papers, studying for my midterm and starting an analysis project. Lame.

    Hope you have fun raging ;)!

  4. You look absolutely fabulous in that top!


  5. This is literally the perfect take on "business casual". Totally pinning this as working girl inspiration!

    Your weekend plans sound epically awesome (and fabulously boozey haha). I'm going to be spending the weekend exploring Atlanta-there's a food truck festival going on, and I couldn't be more excited! Have fun!!

  6. Garsh, I just love your hair so much! It suits you so well, you know? :D

    This brightly patterned top of yours is seriously perfect. I love those tiny lines of color in them--the pink and blue combine like tiny snowflakes in it, hehe! <3 I'm glad that you're excited for your weekend, too. I'm thrifting with my parents this weekend and hopefully going to be able to relax. It's been a suprisingly busy week!

  7. Ahh I love the color mixed on your top, and you mixed it with black blazer, simple and chic <3
    I hope you have a great weekend with Jeremy, Jen! I will spend whole day with my brother at the beach *yay beach!*


  8. adorable look! I love your top and those shoes<3

  9. Love the top and shoes! Love the way you wore all black which emphasizes the top! xx

  10. hey working guuuurrlll ;) Love this! It's fun yet sophisticated at the same time! :) Hope you had fun last night and for the rest of the weekend<3 Love you!

    I am currently watching Harry Potter on my bed :D

  11. Ohh I love this work outfit you've put together! The pop of color makes it awesomee!!

  12. Too bad all I'm anticipating is writing my 2 term papers, studying for my midterm and starting an analysis project. Lame.


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