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Tell Me Which Way is Up

Urban Outfitters Cardigan
Forever 21 T-Shirt, Jeans
H&M Heels
Topshop Belt

If you haven't noticed already, I've been pretty MIA in the blogging scene and my posting schedule is a little whack. (I also think I'm cool enough to use the word "whack"). I remember the days when I used to post every other day. If only I could keep it up now. My life as a New York City commuter is exhausting and I barely have time to breathe, let alone sleep. I wake up by 5:30 AM and by the time I'm ready to take outfit pictures, I have to rush to catch the train instead. I still manage to snap pictures of my outfits on my Instagram (@jennifhsieh) and Twitter if you guys want to follow me there (until I start posting regularly again).

Just earlier today I put a down payment on my future apartment that I'll be sharing with a roommate. It's super tiny (and by tiny...I mean tiny) but I know I can charm it up with decorations and a little paint if we're allowed. I'll be living in the city and the neighborhood is perfect! Crossing my fingers everything works out with this place. :)


  1. This is such a librarian-chic kind of outfit! I adore those heels of yours and would like to steel them from your feet. The mustard of your cardigan is so lovely, too!

    Awe, well don't worry about posting too often! You're so busy right now with lots of things--the occasional post to know you're alive is good enough for me. ;) Don't stress it! Also, I hope that you can paint your apartment or at least be able to spruce it up a bit. <3 Maybe with some of your awesome phorography?

  2. I hope that your schedule gets better! I absolutely love your loafer heels!


  3. Congrats on the new apartment! Hopefully it'll save you some sleep time :D. I'm still in love with these loafers. If they miraculously appear again at H&M I will grab them and throw down my credit card.


  4. i love your loafers! it looks so sexy. have a great time on you new apartment :)

  5. Yes for the new living quarters– that's great! And it sounds like something you need to add some more rest to your busy schedule. Good luck with everything and keep trekking, you can do it (and breathe!) xx


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