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Darling, Everything's on Fire

Before heading across the Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday, Jeremy kindly obliged to taking my outfit pictures (as usual). These were taken right near the City Hall subway station and I couldn't get over how beautiful the architecture was in the area. It's the southern most terminal of the first ever New York City Subway line back in 1904 and it's considered to be the most beautiful in the entire system. It's not used much anymore except for the 6 train on occasion but I'm glad it's still around.

Stylemint Top
Vintage Skirt
H&M Belt
Kenneth Cole Reaction Wedges
Forever 21 Purse

Usually when I go thrifting, I never really find anything that I love, fit into, or can afford. About a year ago, I came across this printed skirt and I couldn't imagine not having it in my closet. Turns out, I could imagine it not in my closet since I didn't wear it until this past Saturday. I know I'll definitely be wearing it more from now on though because I adore it.


  1. Wow that skirt is indeed gorgeous! I love these photos :)
    The station is beautiful :D

  2. This is a very pretty look! I love the vintage skirt and how you styled it with the asymmetrical top! =)


  3. That is definitely a gorgeous printed skirt! I love how you styled it!


  4. Jeremy is so lovely to take your pictures. These are just gorgeous photos, too, because of the architecture! :D You look so stunning, and that skirt is quite the find--even though you just now started to discover its awesomeness. ;D Hey, sometimes it takes a year to figure out how to wear something. Or remember that you bought it. OR WHATEVZ.

  5. Honestly you look like you stepped right out of a period film-- stunning! :o)

    P.S. Happy belated Jeremy! Jen spoiled you rotten, and you deserve it! >:)

  6. Did you get that quote from Safe&Sound? It's one of my favorite songs!!!

  7. I'm glad you brought out this skirt, it's such a good find! Great location spot too :).


  8. i am totally in love with that skirt!!! great vintage find jen!

  9. love the skirt, and the shoot location! :D so pretty. <3

  10. that's a pretty skirt.. :)

    Irene Wibowo

  11. Gorgeous x a million <3

    Love you tons Jen! We'll thrift for reals next time I'm in town!

  12. Wow, Jen! Nothing to say except for the word "gorgeous" for you! <3
    I love the top ad your vintage skirt makes you look stunning!


  13. What a great look on you - great lines! I love the setting too.. way cool. I'm a tad bit jealous, lol

    Hugs and thx for stopping by my blog after my being away for so long/posting so sporadically. Thank you for your sweet comments! I hope when Fall sets in, I will feel inspired to do a bit more. Also hoping to get a better handle on my health and mobility issues..that would be very helpful :) I added a big P.S. since you visited, just in case you might want to read it..but it's nothing you haven't heard before. Hugs to you Jen!

  14. The feeling when you wear something you haven't in awhile or haven't at's like rediscovering why you bought it and loved it, all over again! The print in the skirt is so lovely and it looks great on you! Hope you have a good weekend xx

  15. You look so stunning on that one shoulder top! Love love <3

    crunchy cheese me

  16. That skirt is AMAZING! I'm glad you finally wore it! Love your blog, following you now!




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