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Ricketts Glen State Park

The second day we spent in the Poconos, Jeremy and I made the excruciating drive to Ricketts Glenn State Park to hike on Falls Trail. My car was probably hating on me for making it climb the never-ending steep hills, but I was determined to walk the trail that day. Falls Trail in particular travels along 22 beautiful waterfalls - the tallest one being 94 feet. We only made it to the first 3 waterfalls (the tallest being Mohawk falls, standing at 37 feet) because we kept stopping to take pictures and explore the area. We're horrible hikers.

Before we even started hiking, Jeremy and I were reading the information board at the beginning of the trail and we had decided that we were scared shitless. There were old articles posted, warning hikers of potential injuries from walking along the extremely dangerous trail without proper footwear or hiking gear. Being amateur hikers, our nerves got the best of us, but in the end we ventured toward the path anyway. After the first mile, we finally got to the first steep, rocky pathway of many. Looking down below us, our fear of heights suddenly kicked in, and we couldn't seem to move forward...or downward. We were just about to raise the white flag and surrender, until we suddenly saw a woman...wearing flip-flops...carrying a baby...slowly make her way up the rocks. At that moment, Jeremy and I felt pretty silly (although we both agreed we'd never have a baby make the journey). Thank goodness for that woman though, since we ended up getting some amazing shots.

dELiA*s Cardigan
Urban Outfitters Tank Top
PacSun Denim Shorts
Converse Sneakers

The reason Jeremy and I are taking so many trips together recently and rushing to get things crossed off our bucket list, is because he's leaving to teach English in Turkey for 10 months on Sunday. Jeremy's a Fulbright scholar, which I think is pretty incredible, and he won't really have time to come back to the states. We've done long distance before but the 3 months we spent apart last summer is nothing compared to the 10 months we'll be spending apart in a few days. It's going to be crazy hard but we're a spoiled generation with Skype and Email. We got this. If you guys want to follow along in his adventures abroad, check out his blog, BendedBrains.

Oh, and did I mention I'm moving into my apartment in an hour? WHAT UP, EAST HARLEM.


  1. That's a wonderful thing that he is doing. If it makes you feel any better, I was scared shitless when my aunt decided to take me on a 9,000 step trail. STEPS. AS IN STAIRS. Ugh. I didn't think I could do it until I saw an 80 year old man walk down casually after completing the 9,000 steps of death.

    I was literally sweating buckets but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was.

    Don't worry too much about long distance. My boyfriend and I have only seen each other twice and it's been almost a year. Communication is key (though you may have to work out the time difference). With your busy schedule and his busy schedule, you will definitely value your time together (through communication: skype, chat, text, calls) and apart. :)

    Hurrah for your new apartment!


  2. Gorgeous times a million! Oh and the view is pretty nice too ;) Hehe! Love all these photos Jen, as always! The hike was definitely worth it for that view!

    Love you<3

  3. Moving into your apartment... finally, yayyaya Jen! <3

    ALso, I'm totally glad that you saw that brave woman (and her brave, naive child, of course ;)) going up that mountain, because you really did end up with some neat shots. Such a pretty waterfall!

  4. This place looks absolutely incredible. I've always wanted to visit the Poconos - maybe one day. I feel like I say that too much for too many places. Anyways, hiking is such fun and so relaxing, especially when you're in a place with so many waterfalls!

    Congratulations to your boyfriend! That is pretty amazing, but I would totally understand if you're just a smidgen bummed about it too, since it means he won't be around for a while. I'm in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend for the academic school year ( his college is in St. Louis, mine is in New Jersey ), so visiting's hard, almost impossible. Thank goodness for Skype. You'll get used to it, and grow to love / tolerate it! :)

    Good luck moving in!

    ♥ x i x i a |

  5. This is such a cute date. How come Jeremy never takes me on trips?! :(


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