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Ward's Island Bridge at Twilight

I'm officially moved in to my apartment in East Harlem! Granted most of my clothes and shoes are still in New Jersey, but all my necessities are with me. I'm super excited to explore the area and get to know the locals. It doesn't seem like a super popular area since there are schools and medical buildings surrounding my apartment complex. However, just a few blocks west and you hit a few bars and not all hope is lost!

Urban Outfitters Tank
H&M Belt
Vintage Skirt
Shoedazzle Purse
ASOS Sandals

The apartment itself is gorgeous and spacious. I can't wait to finish decorating with my roommates, Rob and Crystal, and gradually accumulating more and more furniture. My favorite part of the apartment (besides my own room, of course) is the balcony. Since we're right next to the East River, if you stand on the balcony and look to the left, you can see the sun setting over Ward's Island Bridge. Absolutely gorgeous.

When Jeremy came to see my apartment last Friday evening before leaving for Turkey, we explored the area near the river behind my apartment. Turns out, there's a bridge you can walk over that takes you to Ward's Island with a beautiful view of Ward's Island Bridge (pictured behind me). I'll be dragging my roommates when I can to snap shots here since I still don't feel comfortable bringing my tripod out for self-portraits in the city.


  1. JEN can I first just say how freakin' cool these photos are?! Like, the blue of that sky is just stunning, and the blurry lights in the background... oh la la, color me impressed! <3 That skirt is quite the lovely and intricate piece.

    I'm glad that your apartment is lovely and hope you'll have a more than awesome time decorating it! You'll have to show us pictures when you're all done maybe. :D

  2. Love the pictures! The view from your apt must be so beautiful

  3. Amazing place and you look so lovely! :)

  4. Your pictures are
    super stunning!
    Love the outfit!
    Love the bokeh


  5. Pretttyyy :)

  6. Stunning photos! I love the rich blue hue. And the skirt you are wearing is gorgeous!

    I just moved recently as well (although it was only 10 blocks east for me :P) and now I'm in the middle of an unpacked room...the worst feeling! I really need to get started on that ASAP.

    I wish you and Jeremy the best! My boyfriend is Palestinian and lives in Jerusalem so we've been apart for a little over a year now. It's tough work, but I can't wait until I see him soon!

  7. I wish you and your boyfriend the best. Distance is tough, but you two will be just fine. I absolutely love your skirt!


  8. Jen, you have to show us your new living place! I'm wondering how it looks :D welcome to your new place! I hope you have very very great day! Anyway, those are lovely pictures, especially the first one <3



  9. I wish you and Jeremy the best! My boyfriend is Palestinian and lives in Jerusalem so we've been apart for a little over a year now.

  10. my husband and i were long distance the first year and a half of our relationship... it was los angeles to chicago, so not quite the same as turkey to new york, but still. it's rough, but it can also be great for a relationship. you have to really work at trust and communication to make long distance work, and that can be so good for a relationship. the best advice i ever got regarding long distance relationships was this: when you wake up in the morning, ask yourself if they are still the person you most want to be with. if the answer is yes, then the rest becomes so much easier. it's hard & you miss them, but it's easier if you just remember that ultimately, you just want to be with them. you get through the rest. good luck!

  11. Are your sandals from asos comfy!

  12. Wow, would I ever love to visit NYC again sometime! I did get to visit briefly when I was 17..and I think I'll skip mentioning how long ago that was, lol ;)

    Lovely look gorgeous, and they get my wanderlust going. I love the pale blue nail polish too!


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