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The Most Interesting Woman in the World

On Friday I was in the mood to slip on my reliable maxi dress and run around the city feeling as chic as possible. Turns out, the city in the Summer really isn't meant for maxi dresses. While I was running back and forth from work, my maxi dress would awkwardly wrap around my legs so I would have to hold it up to avoid tripping. And let me tell you - these maxi dresses retain heat very, very well. I think this baby will have to be kept in the closet until the Fall weather comes rolling around.

Joe Fresh Chambray Top
H&M Crop Top, Maxi Dress
Forever 21 Necklace
c/o Blowfish Shoes Gypsy Sandals

After work I met up with an old friend from high school for some drinks. Turned out, there were Dos Equis promoters at the bar and Dos Equis happens to be my beer of choice. Jackpot? I think so. Two of the promoters came up to us and, when they found out I was drinking Dos Equis, their eyeswidened with excitement. We were immediately dragged over to take a picture with The Most Interesting Man in the World (of course, it was a cardboard cut-out), given Dos Equis beads, and two Dos Equis temporary tattoos (one of which I'm currently donning with immense pride). My night was definitely looking up at that point. It's the simple things in life that keep me going. And beer. <3 br="br">


  1. Loving this outfit! But yes, maxis are hard to wear in the summer, you'd think they'd be perfect...haha.
    And woohoo for the free swag :D

  2. I love maxi anything really. I think they are perfect if the material is thin enough to wear during the summer. :)


  3. Oh that's no fun to have it tripping you up as you walk! I've always had good luck with maxi skirts in the summer. I prefer to wear them then actually! Maybe try a different one?

  4. think i have the same maxi as you! haha :)

  5. this outfit is so simple and chic. love it!
    i really wish we could see pictures of you with the "most interesting man in the world"...hahaha!!! :)

  6. You're right! Maxi dresses ARE meant for the autumn seasons! Everyone makes them out to be the perfect summer dress, until it looks like you peed your pants with sweat and you trip over your skirt and flip flop. You look fabulous though!

  7. Love that maxi! It is most def a reliable dress in the wardrobe! Love the black/brown pairing, looks
    great! :)

  8. Though maxis are cute, they're not always the best for city errands. ;) B'aw!

    But I really do love those shoes of yours, and how you layered (in the summer!!!? you crazy GAL) the top up there. You're just always so elegant, you lovely Jen, you. <3

  9. I'm trying to get into maxi dresses more, but I agree that they're just going to have to wait until autumn is here when it's less humid (humidity, what a fun-sucker.) That sounds great about the Dos Equis promo hehe and I hope your weekend went as lovely xx

  10. Ah hahah, the most interesting woman in the world! How wonderful. :) I've never had Dos Equis, but his commercials are hilarious, and I really enjoy saying it. Dos Ek-keys. Such fun.
    And you look wonderful in that maxi dress! Thanks for visiting me; hope we keep in touch. ^^

    ♥ xixia |

  11. Love this simple yet chic outfit Jen! I can never get over how great you always look in a maxi skirt since we're like the same height, and yet when I try one on I just look ridiculous.



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