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Can't We Get Along?

c/o Tulle Cardigan
Forever 21 T-Shirt, Shorts
TopShop Belt
ASOS Sandals
Shoedazzle Purse

One of my favorite parts about my neighborhood is the atmosphere and the mix of cultures. Some might call the area sketchy, but I prefer to call it interesting. On the side of the local supermarket, which is only a block away, is this graffiti that I really love. I pass it everyday on my way to work and it brightens up the street. Jeremy and I passed by it when we were heading to catch the train to New Jersey last weekend so we squeezed in one last outfit post before his 10-month Fulbright adventure in Turkey.

Speaking of Jeremy being in Turkey, thank you to everyone who's left a comment regarding their own long distance relationships. It's definitely putting things into perspective and making me realize that it's not as devastating as I'm making it out to be in my own mind. It was only super tough the first two days but now I'm back to normal. You guys rock.

I'm going to finish up a few things at work right now and then meet up with some friends for Fashion's Night Out! Now that I'm living in the city, I'm taking full advantage of visiting as many stores as possible. Bring it on, free champagne and cocktails (because that's more important than all the shopping). Best Happy Hour ever. Tweet me if you'll be around the Midtown area between 40th - 60th streets!


  1. I like Jeremy's haircut! And you look casually cool, Ms. Jennifer Hsieh!

  2. Sketchy, interesting... same thing, right? ;) haha, I'm glad that you appreciate the diversity, even if it is a bit freaky at times. These walls sure do make for some cool back drops, though, and I'm glad you're exploring more!

    Cute cute cardigan, my Jenlove!

  3. Woo I like the sketchy things, there's "live your dreams" words on the wall (: you look gorgeous, Jen! As always <3 and I like Jeremy's new haircut :D


  4. I love graffiti and you look totally cool next to it in your casual outfit. Love the shorts.

    Wardrobe Quarry

  5. I'm glad that our stories helped you out! :)


  6. Long distance relationships take work, but you guys can do it! My husband and I did long distance for three months, but I think it really strengthened our relationship in the end.

  7. It was only super tough the first two days but now you are back to normal. I'm glad that our stories helped you out!

  8. Love the relaxed cool of the outfit. I'm new to your blog, but I love how you intersperse writing about fashion with stories from your life. It's really relatable, and I'm a big fan! LD relationships are hard- I was in one for two years, but it's well worth it when you come back together again :)

  9. i wish i can wear an outfit as simple and chic as this and wouldn't look too much like i'm at home..haha! you rock this…and i love your legs that can go for miles. <3

    ♥ vanilla ice cream | a cebuana's personal style blog ♥

  10. This is a lovely end-of-summer outfit. And that graffiti is awesome!


  11. this wall is amazing! great pictures. and best of luck to you and Jeremy! me and Brando did long distance twice now, and it's hard, but definitely doable. and now you have an excuse to visit Turkey!


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