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A Night of Fashion and Champagne

This past Thursday was NYC's Fashion's Night Out, so a few friends and I embarked on a journey all over midtown. I made our schedule based off of two things: (1) how exciting the event was and (2) how much free booze we could score. Our adventure started off at Free People where they were giving away free iPhone cases to the first 50 people in line for the photobooth. We were literally just 3 people too late by the time they ran out (but it's not like I have an iPhone anyway). Free People was pretty whimsical (as usual) with face painting, bags you can fill with sweet drinks, and wine samples.

Fashion retailers weren't the only people celebrating FNO. Turns out, Godiva was giving out free chocolate-covered strawberries in celebration of the night. It was the perfect indulgent snack in-between stores.

Next on our list was UNIQLO and their Japanese-themed celebration. What really got me through their doors were the free shots of Sake, which I've never tried before in my life. It's definitely a taste I need to get used to. UNIQLO had a pretty fun atmosphere and there were some colored, jean leggings for only $15. I closed my eyes and told myself I was dreaming, just so I could resist the urge to take some home. I'm sticking to my strict clothing diet!

Gap Chambray Shirt, Striped Shirt
Forever 21 Green Skirt
Bakers Shoes Heels
Shoedazzle Purse

Our next stop was definitely the craziest. Henri Bendel was packed on every single floor and it was hard not to push your way through the crowd (unless you wanted to stay at a stand still). Apologies to anyone I might have accidentally (or purposely) nudged/shoved. Henri Bendel had members from Cirque du Soleil sitting around the store, getting their make-up done. I kind of wish I was one of them but I have neither the flexibility or the skill.

We ended our night at Bryant Park where we had delicious margaritas from Alice + Olivia. I could drink those bad boys for the rest of my life (although that would be a poor life decision). They had a braiding bar as well but the line was too long and I decided it would be a better decision to leave my hair alone. Before we all went our separate ways, we stopped by Lord & Taylor and came across NYC Firefighters signing their annual calendar. So, I will leave you guys with a final picture of one of NYC's bravest. ;)


  1. Wow! It looks like you had tons of fun at FNO! You're lucky you have a UNIQLO near by. I also got myself a free chocolate dipped strawberry. :)


  2. It looks like you had an amazing time! I love these photos!



  3. Mmm strawberries, booze, friends, and fashion. What could be better? :)

  4. It looks like you had so much fun! I can completely feel the loud, happy crowd through these photos.

  5. wow you were at uniqlo too!!? the sake was indeed delisssh!

  6. Since when have you liked the idea of jeggings anyway? Boo, temptation!

  7. Okay first off your blog is adorable! The photography is terrific (I clicked the about section to see what you use!) Secondly, I am from NJ (but live in CO now) and I remember being in the Key Club and working with NJ Circle K in high school haha!

    Now for the post, this looks like such an amazing night! I really shouldve looked to see if Denver was doing something, but obviously not the same as NYC! Your green skirt with the Chambray is super cute and I love that you based your schedule off of free drinks.
    Now that I have written a novel, I am following along!
    xo Hannah

  8. This reminds of of the failed FNO we had last year in which we took the train all the way into the city to just have everything be closed and to grab a NYC hot dog, which ended up being probably the most I've paid for a hot dog ever. But I'm so glad this year was a success for you! You'll definitely have to take me around next FNO ;)


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